Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cody's Popularity Soars #BB16

Hey Boo.

Good lord.  It's like a GQ cover, right?

Brittany came up to the HoH to extend an olive branch to Cody,  Derrick walked in and she explained that both she and Cody will need to be outside all night for their punishments, so she wanted to break the ice so there wouldn't be tension out there.

Brittany jumped down Derricks' throat, saying "I guess you replaced me with Victoria".

(She is going CRAZY.)

Derrick:  No, Victoria has been on my heels from the very beginning, like my shadow....when I was HoH she wouldn't leave me alone..she kept coming up here!

Brittany:  Yeah, but once you were HoH!

Derrick:  Nah...from the second or third day...Victoria is all about me..

Cody confirms this.  (And I told you about that, too...remember?)

Brittany:  She needs to find someone more appropriate...

Derrick:  Yeah, if she's looking for companionship I'm not exactly available right now.

They gave a shout out to Derrick's wife, and then he left the room.

Frankie came in right afterwards, and got right in between them on the bed.  After a few minute he left, and Cody was kind of glad.

Cody:  I like Frankie, but sometimes he.....I mean, we were up here talking to Derrick, but then Frankie always comes in...

Brittany:  Frankie comes in the room whenever people are having a conversation...he always does that.

Frankie came right back in after that, and busied himself in the snack area.

Frankie:  Did you want me to give you more time?

Cody:  Yes, please.  A few more minute...

Frankie left, but not without clanking everything in the fridge and trying to act casual about getting asked to leave the room.  They waited until he left.  There was tension.

They start the conversation about who turned against who first, and then Amber shows up, and gets right in the bed with them!

Right in the middle of the bed!  I know Amber isn't worried about being nominated this week---is she jealous of Brittany being alone with Cody?


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