Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cody Straightens His Hair, and Discusses his "Number" #BB16

The feeds are down right now, probably because the house guests are up in the HoH room getting instruction about the live show tonight.  So I set my Flashbacks to just after midnight, in the wee hours of this morning, only to find that Cody is trying to straighten his own hair and a small audience has gathered to watch.

(If you have sensitive ears, you might want to skip this one...)

Christine was captivated by a story Cody told about how he teased a girl that he really liked about her teeth--I think he compared her to a rabbit.  Then he saw her years later and she told him that he was the biggest reason why she got her teeth fixed.

Cody:  I felt horrible...I had the biggest crush on that girl.

Zach mocks Cody for trying to straighten his hair, while the group debates the meaning of the phrase "fucking like rabbits".

Cody burned his hand a few times, because the straightener is too wide to use on short hair.

Cody gave up and put the straightener away, saying that it "blows and sucks cock".

Frankie:  Please don't use those words around me right now..I mean, I understand that you are all sexually frustrated because you can't figure it all out, but for me there is no option..

Cody:  Listen....if I wanted to take Zach in the Jack Shack, I'd do me...

Zach:  WHAT?

Frankie:  Why would you say that to him?  I'm the one who wants to go in the Jack Shack...

Christine:  Frankie wants you so bad, Cody.

Frankie:  I mean...just because you're kind of hot...

Zach:  Kind of hot?  He's the hottest guy on earth.

Zach is eating cookie dough ice cream and I think Christine may be eating some as well.

Christine, to Frankie:  You think Cody is hot?

Frankie:  Yeah, I do.

Cody says he has a smaller straightener at home and he used to use it quite a bit, but he got his hair to flop over to one side, instead of standing straight up.   Christine says she would like to see that hairstyle on him, then she gets to touch his hair and says it feels really soft.

Zach:  Damn, I already look so good, I don't know if I want to try this.

Zach:  Oh my god...I'm so sexy.

Zach:  You think Cody is hot?  Look at this!

Christine:  Do you talk to girls like that, telling them you're hot?

Zach:  Yes...I say, you think this is sexy?  Wait til you see my penis..

They all got a good laugh at that.  Zach yells "Sorry Mom!"

They asked Cody what his "number" is and his first response is that he doesn't even know.

Cody:  I dunno...not that many...maybe in the teens, or maybe twenty?

Zach:  Pussy!

Christine: Oh my god!

Zach:  I've hit 20 prostitutes in Vegas alone...

Frankie:  Yesterday!

Zach:  Yeah, yesterday!

Caleb comes in and says his number is seven.

Zach:  My number?  Well, count my abs, multiply by 30, minus 50 and then times that by two.

Caleb disclosed that it's been a year since he had sex with a girl, and Cody says he's going on six months, adding that it's tough when you live with your parents.  I have heard Christine say that she was a virgin until her wedding night, so it is no surprise that her number is one.

***Fun Fact***:  Earlier today, the cameras wanted to be sure we all saw the stain on the bathroom couch, right where Christine is now sitting.

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