Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cody & Derrick Play Pool #BB16

What else is there to do in the Big Brother house at 2:00 am?

The mood is down....a lot has happened and none of it was good.

Cody won the game, but there was no joy in it for him.  Derrick said "good game" and then they racked 'em up to play again.

Britney doesn't need TV with entertainment like this.

Brittany went inside for a moment and Derrick issued a statement.

Derrick:  Don't be surprised when he saves Brittany with the PoV and puts up Victoria.  And if he does that, if we vote out Victoria we're morons.  If Pao Pao threw that competition for him, then he's indebted to her and we're morons if we don't vote her out.  Victoria will go out after that, but we're morons if we don't vote out Pao Pao.

Brittany came back outside and they quickly changed the conversation.  When she went back inside, they continued.

Cody:  I think Caleb ratted us out with Devin....

Derrick:  Of course he did...

Cody admitted he wasn't into the pool game so they quit playing.  It was obvious his head wasn't in it.

Derrick:  I don't know his plans, but don't be surprised if he takes Brittany off...

Cody:  I don't think so, but if he does I don't think she bent over for him..

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