Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cody and Hayden Discuss the #BB16 Girls...and the #BB15 Girls Being #DTF

I certainly didn't expect to turn on the live feeds at 7:30 am BBT and find a game of pool going on.  But that it what is happening right now.  As I tune in, the conversational topic is Brittany's boobs, and how big they were (are).

Cody just can't believe that they weren't real, but Hayden sets him straight about that.  They were huge, Hayden says, and then the talk turned to Brittany's lies in the house.  They both think Brittany was lying big time about her financial situation.

Hayden brought up Jocosta saying that Brittany stole her story about stealing from her kids, but says he never heard that first-hand from Brittany.  (You can learn about that here.)

Cody:  I've heard Brittany say that....that she took money from her kids....

Hayden:  Dude.

Cody says he was in love with Brittany from the start, but then "after the third week.....".

Cody:  When I see her at the finale, I'm going to tell her I'm in love with her.

(Maybe sarcastic, maybe not.)

Then they talk about Amber.  When Cody first saw Amber, he thought she had "crazy attractive" eyes, but he didn't think she was beautiful.  Once Brittany joined the group, he thought she was the prettiest. Cody doesn't think Amber is that pretty. (I've heard Cody say before that most models he knows are like that, but they photograph well.)

Hayden:  Oh, I thought Amber was hot.  And after the first day or so I went in The Hive and she was sitting in there and she said 'Hayden, you're so you want to be my summer showmance?'

Cody:  Yes.

Hayden:  Hell yes.  I mean....Nicole is cute, but we're a good looking group of guys!

Cody: Yeah, I think we are.

They discussed Victoria, and how she thinks she is so beautiful but she isn't.  At all, in their opinions.

Hayden: Why can't we have girls like Aaryn, and Kaitlin....and even Jessie wasn't too bad.

Cody:  Oh Dude.  Oh my God.

Hayden:  And those girls last year were so down.....Aaryn didn't get into a showmance, but she was going to...with that guy who left....and Kaitlin?  She got with Jeremy, and Amanda was down...she was hella-down.....even Jessie was down but she didn't have anybody to get with.  She was after Nick for awhile.

Cody:  Nick?  He left the second week.

Hayden:  But remember when she was following him around?

(I'm sorry, but Hayden's mouth is just flat nasty.  Not what he says...his teeth.  Just look at this picture.  He came in the house with gingivitis and is supposed to brush and floss and gargle with some special solution, but he has to be reminded by Nicole to do it.  Nicole probably caught it too, from kissing him.  Gross.)

Cody:  Jessie was down with someone else later in the season, but I don't remember who.

Hayden:  And Gina Marie was hella-down for Nick..

Cody:  Oh yeah.  Hella-down for Nick.

Hayden:  But think about it...that's a lot of girls in one house who were girls in this fucking house are down for anything!

Cody:  Here's the thing.....................those girls were hella-down!  And none of the girls in this house are!  You are absolutely right.

Hayden:  No girls want to have fun...or do some shit.....whatever....

Cody:  Whatever....just do it outside the house...or in the shower...

Hayden:  ....with ourselves....

Cody:  Dude, if there was an Aaryn this season, I would have loved it.

Hayden:  Dude. She is one of the hottest girls I've ever seen.  Not hot though...she's pretty.

Cody:  Yeah.  She's fucking gorgeous.

Hayden:  So pretty.

Cody:  And Kaitlin was sexy as all fuck.

Hayden:  Yeah, Kaitlin was fucking sexy....

They started arguing over the purported results of a pool game earlier in the evening.  Ohh... now Cody brings up the night that Brittany slept in the HoH room, two nights before she left.  (You can learn about that night here...)

Cody:  Dude...she was sitting there....I think I might have had a shot that night...

Hayden: Dude, you had a shot every night with her!

Cody:  I don't think so...not every night.  I think she was trying to play it up.

Hayden:  She fuckin' wanted you Dude.

Cody:  She was playing it for a vote, but I wasn't voting (he was HoH).  She was trying to be a little convincing, and she was laying there...that night she may have...she was literally laying there in the bed.

(Cody neglects to mention that Brittany was drunk as shit, too.)

Hayden:  When she was up there all day sleeping, we were literally all down here talking about it.  We were like, they are fucking making out up there.

Cody:  I know.  The funniest part was that Zach said they are going to use that footage...remember when everybody was saying 'Boogie is fucking scheming right now" and then they would show footage of him sleeping?  They're going to show that footage of us passed out.  But that night dude, she was fucking scratching my arm and I was scratching her arm and Zach was up there bullshitting.  Then it was quiet and Brittany whispered "Cody, are you asleep" and I whispered back "No" and she said "Just checking".  That was the point where I could have just gone for it, but I just fucking didn't.

Cody:  I honestly felt bad because she had kids.

Hayden:  Honestly dude...River and Axl might have been her dogs!

They laughed, but Cody said the whole thing was so fucked up because she was going home, and he would have felt like a dick for doing that.

Hayden:  I would have been so stoked about myself if I did that!

Cody:  You're an asshole.

Hayden:  But I know that, so it's okay.

Cody:  But imagine if we get out of here, and it turns out she is still married, and her husband is Hugh Hefner.

Hayden:  You can never come to Long Beach, dude.

Cody:  But she told me she was talking to this guy who was 35, and seemed well off, so she said..

Hayden:  All I know is, she can complain all she wants about being poor, but I will never feel sorry for her because she drives a fucking 5-series new BMW and she owns a home...or maybe she's in an apartment...I don't know...

Cody:  She says she owns a home?  What?  Jocosta says her dad helps her with her rent, and I heard her rent was like $3,000...but now you say she owns her home?  I'm confused.  I'm going to get out of here and says Brittany, I'm sorry I sent you home, but what the fuck is your deal.  What is going on with your life.

Cody says that if you have family that work at a car dealership, you can get crazy deals on cars.

Hayden:  But why a 5 series though?

(Because she has three kids.  A 3 series doesn't have room for that.)


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