Monday, July 7, 2014

Can Celeb Hear the Truth? #BB16

Caleb and Devin were just sitting on the backyard couch and Devin went through the roster of house guests, counting all of the votes to evict Zach.

Caleb asked him specifically about Cody's vote.  Devin told him that Cody hated to vote out his friend, but he said he would vote Zach out and would not go against the alliance.

Cody came outside and went to the hammock.  Caleb started walking over there and Devin told Caleb not to go over there.  Devin kept calling out for Caleb to come back, but Caleb kept walking and got in the hammock with Cody.

Caleb asked him what he thought about the whole thing.  Cody told him that he couldn't vote Zach out because Zach was his friend, even though he didn't agree with everything that Zach did today.

Cody:  I told Devin that..

Caleb:  Whatever you do, just keep in mind the people who are working with you..think about your alliance..

Cody: Oh, you don't need to tell me that.  I know...

Caleb:  I trust you 100%.

(Cody is turning into a good little liar, isn't he?)

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