Monday, July 28, 2014

Caleb Stews... Caleb Smells a Rat #BB16

Caleb is putting together what Frankie said to him, and then compared that to what Amber and Nicole said to him, and things don't add up.

Frankie is in big trouble with Caleb.   Derrick came in and kind of calmed Caleb down, telling him to go directly to Frankie to discuss it with him.  Derrick asked him to please wait five minutes though, so it doesn't look like Derrick is the one who spilled information to Caleb.

Amber walked in and Caleb requested time with her, "without her walkin' off".  Now in the Hive Caleb confirms Amber's story, and announces that Frankie is the one who wants Amber out.

Amber is very calm, but now Caleb tells Amber that all of the guys were in on the plan, even Cody and Derrick.

Amber:  Now I am seeing who I can trust...I'm proud of myself...I'm not going to cry in front of Zach.  All he wants to do is be the center of attention.

I know the story is getting convoluted, but things are happening fast and I am trying to keep an eye on it and also my real job, where I have real work to do.


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