Friday, July 4, 2014

Caleb: Now 24% Crazier.... #BB16

Caleb and Derrick are sitting in the living room, and Caleb is telling his Story of the Day, detailing what happened today, what he thought, what he did, and what he told Frankie to do.  It's on continuous loop with Caleb over and over.

Derrick appreciates military service, and it runs in his family.  He unleashed a long list of shout outs, looking toward the camera as he does so (a big no-no).  He reeled off at least six names before Production cut the feeds.  A few seconds later the feeds returned, only for Derrick to keep naming names, with another feed cut.

(Were the guys cops with military service? His work buddies?)

Amber is all made up today, for the holiday I guess.  She came over and talked about all of the men in her family who have served in the military.  Earlier today, I heard Caleb list the military connection, as well as the fact that they both grew up with single mothers, as the commonalities that mean that he and Amber are meant for each other.

Yes people, the love is back on, in Caleb's head.

Derrick likes to check in with Caleb a few times each day, to make sure he's not an immediate threat to himself or others.  (OK, I made that up, but it sounded good.)

He is reflecting back what Caleb says back to him in a reassuring way, showing Caleb he understands what he is saying, and then layering on a soothing idea.  For example, Caleb has been in the DR to request  a special song session this afternoon over the intercom, each song a tribute for one of his buddies.

Caleb:  They can go get 'em on iTunes!  They can take it out of my stipend!  I just think it would be nice for everybody to understand what I've been through...and what I seen...

Derrick:  Well, what's important is what's up here (pointing to head) know who you want to recognize...who you want to pay tribute can do it all up here (pointing to head).

Caleb is excited to hear that people are getting called in the DR.  Look at the picture below---he has a big lipstick mark on his cheek.  If I'm not mistaken, he has another lipstick kiss or two on the other side or on his jaw.

If I see a DR session on the CBS show with Caleb showcasing his cheek and talking about all of this, I might spit up my nachos.

If you don't know, Caleb woke up crying this morning when BB played the Star Spangled Banner.  He then sat with Devin in the HoH Suite and cried about his military issues, or service, or whatever it was.  Devin cried, too, but Caleb clearly won this round of Crazy.

He instructed Frankie to go downstairs and hold a special house meeting to let everyone know why Caleb will be upset today....and to go easy on him when they see him....maybe give him a hug....

Frankly weakly went downstairs do to it, and in the funniest moment of the week, Caleb quickly dried his tears and grabbed the Spy Screen remote in an attempt to see Frankie onscreen going to gather the troops for the Special Meeting.  He kept clicking back and forth, looking in vain for a sign of concerned house guests gathering for some Special Announcements.  Production let us enjoy the Spy Screen views, along with a screen of Caleb's face, searching.

Production knows we know.  You know, about Caleb.  They know we know they know.  He's crazy.

As best I could tell, Frankie went to the bathroom area and whispered something quickly to the girls who were there.    The Spy Screen doesn't have a bathroom view, either, so Caleb couldn't see the half-ass effort made by Frankie.

Frankie:  I've just had a very.....intense....conversation with Caleb...

And so on.

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