Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Caleb Blogs - Finally He Has a Chance to Talk About Himself #BB16

CBS has finally posted Caleb's HoH blog, which was written on Monday afternon in the HoH Suite.  Maybe the lawyers had to review it for potential issues or secret Zodiak-type codes.  They certainly weren't reviewing it for proper grammar and punctuation.

Anyway the blog is about what you would expect---a blustery paragraph full of overly-confident cliches and Caleb-isms.

According to Caleb, there are only a few "competitors" in the BB house this year, but he is the one to beat. When Caleb is released from captivity in a few weeks, probably before Jury, I recommend he review the following list of BB winners for the past two seasons, and revisit his definition of "competitor".

BB15 - Andy Herren
BB14 - Ian Terry

Caleb is good TV,but if he wants to win, I think he's on the wrong show.

His HoH Blog is printed below, in all of it's glory, in it's entirety.


HoH Suite Spot: Caleb

Posted on Jul 2, 2014 03:10pm

So, i will start off by giving thanks to GOD for giving me this opportunity to be here in the big brother house. It is awesome being here and getting to know the other 15 house guest day by day. although we are only almost 2 weeks in, I'm still trying to figure everyone out and who i can trust. Most importantly at the end of the day i can only trust myself at 110%. I am honored to be the First HOH of Big Brother 16, I fought hard and won with battle scares to prove my fight inside. too bad i can't compete this week bc having this HOH room is great, But next week this cowboy will get to enter in the next rodeo so i am really excited to compete again for the next HOH competition. I should have no problem winning this season of big brother, There are a few other competitors in the house, but overall i am the one to beat, i am a different animal, i am victorious, and most of all i am a child of god and in phillipians 4:13 it says "i can do all things through christ which strengthens me" I believe i am the toughest and best competitor in this house and from what i hear i am the one to beat. Also feels great to be head of the alliance called "the bomb squad" we are truckin right along and feeling great about my team of soldiers i have recruited. I am missing my family a ton, missing my church family, but this is for sure the chance of a life time and so thankful to be here. I just have to play my game and leave my heart and emotions at the door. I am blessed and reassured that god has big plans for me when i leave the big brother house. keep rooting on this cowboy, for this rodeo is just another 8 second ride. Well thanks to all that is watching and blogging. keep your eyes open and always expect the unexpected. To all my fans, i love you and thanks you for your support. once again, thanks to my father above that made all this possible and saving my soul. Without him this would have never been possible. God deserves and gets all the Glory.

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  1. Watching Amber and Christine pledge loyalty to the "all guys" alliance makes me angry. Didn't it occur to them that they could be the moles in the guy group yet be in an all girls alliance?? I'm sorry, but as a woman I fully supported Joey's attempt at solidifying a girl group, but I can't believe she apologised for trying to get the girls to band together because of the pressure from caleb and devin. Devin is also annoying as fuck. He needs to leave ASAP!


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