Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bro Talk at the Pool Table #BB16

I am searching the feeds for newsy items from last night, and stopped on a game of pool that occurred after 4:00 am.

I've always said that playing pool is a great way to hold an alliance meeting, because it is easy to keep up the charade of the game and talk softly.  It is the perfect cover for game talk.

But I didn't hear much game talk in this game of pool.

Of course Derrick is out there.  Duh.  The guys are really into the game and are setting up shots and celebrating or sighing depending on the outcome.

When Devin is being one of the guys, he is at least 37% less annoying, but is throwing Michael Jordan's name out there a lot.

Cody is like everybody's little brother and takes his share of ribbing.  Look at how his body flies under the radar next to a big hulk like Devin.  Derrick keeps calling him "Corey" and Cody said that happens a lot at home, too, and he'll generally answer to anything that starts with a "C".

Devin started calling him Corey, too, after hearing this, so now you know who Corey is.

Production better have security on hand in the next couple of weeks, because this equation isn't going to work, long-term.

Devin + Caleb - Food + Slop - Amber's Affections + Devin's daughter turning 2 years 1 week old = Trouble

Dare I say Roid Rage?  Well, I just did.

BB:  Devin to the Storage Room!  Caleb to the Diary Room!

I just don't think that is going to work this time.  Do you?

Derrick went around the table and asked everyone's age again, saying "Fuck!  I'm the old guy out here!"

Devin:  Corey's 18.

Cody:  No, I'm 23...just turned 23..

Caleb:  I can guarantee that Cody's got a dime piece at home....I guarantee it...

Cody:  No..

Caleb:  I know you have a hot girlfriend at home...

Cody:  She's not my girlfriend....

Derrick:  That's what  told you...there's gotta be somebody out there watching and she's in a fucking magazine...

Cody:  There's this girl I work with that I hooked up with who was from Atlanta, Georgia  (Heeeeeyyy!) ..she's just smokin' and she looks 12, and this other girl I hook up with that I work with on the weekends.....

Caleb says at 26 he looks at the total package---this one girl he just started talking to is in graduate school and her parents are doctors.

Caleb:  I said, what's your credit score and she said 800 and I said that's what I'm talkin' about...

Cody, to Derrick:  That's the girl who I told you about from Hoboken...she's so hot....

Cody asked Caleb if he told the girl what he was doing this summer.

Cody:  Because I didn't....I just let them drop off and I think I shot myself in the foot...

Caleb:  No, you just upped your street value!

Caleb says in the little town where he's from, it's going to "look like Judd with all of the street signs and people waving".

Cody says his brother is dating "one of the Knicks dancers" and the guys all react to that.

Devin:  You're dating a Knicks dancer?

Cody:  No, my brother is, but all of her friends.....

Devin:  You get free Knicks tickets?

Cody:  I dunno...

Devin:  What do you mean you don't know!  You hear that D? (to Derrick)  When I come over there we're going to the Knicks game...going to the Garden.

Derrick:  I knew it....the Knicks too....it all makes sense now..

They think the backyard will be locked down sometime Wednesday afternoon to get ready for Thursday's live show.  Even if the HoH competition is a simple question and answer, they still know BB is going to do it up right and take their time with it.

(The house guests will also need to rehearse on Thursday, and the feeds will be down much of the afternoon while they practice.....CBS doesn't want to take too many chances with live air time...)

It's so fun to watch the live feeds during conversations like this.  You really feel like you are eavesdropping when the guys start talking like they would at home...


I still love Derrick.

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