Monday, July 14, 2014

Breakfast Chatter #BB16

But First....

A few more pictures from last night.  Nicole accessorized her Frog Costume with a jaunty pink bow, which was adorable.  This reminded me of BB8 when a group of people had to wear bunny suits and they always used accessories to individualize their looks.

Cody ate something and licked his fingers.

Then he trapped Nicole in a bear hug and kissed her on the cheek, saying that kissing "was his favorite".

Nicole tried to act irritated, but finally gave in and smiled.

 OK.  On to this morning.  Cody and Christine sat outside while she ate her breakfast, and they were both very glad that the sky was overcast.  Christine is not a big fan of the sun...I guess she gets enough sun in Arizona.

Cody was working out this morning, and kept saying that he felt so good being up so early today.  He wants to feel like this everyday.  (Even though every time he stays up all night he says that is the best, too.)

Jocosta is up and is drinking GatorAde to stay hydrated.

There was a rumor on the internet that Victoria stepped out to run some errands, but I found her.  She and Nicole whispered furiously about the horrid Amber, who continues to use Victoria's beauty products.  Even putting your own items in a zipped case inside your basket doesn't keep people out.

Victoria is incensed that Amber has been using her deodorant.  She knows it, because she can usually predict how long it takes to use a certain amount...she made Nicole look at it and they both can't believe how rude and thoughtless Amber is.

Remember the ugly bow headbands that Amber wore for the first few weeks?  Well,  it turns out those were Victoria's...Amber asked to borrow it one day and didn't give it back.  I know Amber has about eight or nine siblings...maybe she is used to just grabbing whatever she can.

Zach made himself a pancake chock full of M&M's.  Everyone was very impressed.  Zach used butter to grease the pan, he says.

Derrick explained that if Zach put a little oil in the center of the pan, and then poured the batter right on top of that, the oil would spread out along with the batter and the edges would get really crispy and brown.

Zach:  Did you go to culinary school?

Derrick:  No.  If I did, I would tell everyone, so they would keep me in the house.  Like Chef Joe!

They gave Joe a shout out as the cameras give us a shot of Zach's pancake.

And a close up.  The M&M coating is melting all over the pancake and looks smeary, but it is the taste that will matter here.

Zach even cleaned his pan for Derrick, who wanted to make himself an egg white omelet.

Cody was eyeballing Zach's pancake, too.

Derrick put a big wad of spinach on top of his eggs.

They discussed how nice the weather is today.  Devin says it isn't overcast very often, but the people in California love it.  Zach says in Florida it rains every single day at 3:00 pm.

(He's right....but only Central or South Florida.)

They discussed the possibility of a competition to watch a movie in the HoH.

Derrick:  If one of you jamokes win, you'd better take me, too.

Zach:  Oh, don't worry.

Derrick:  Watch Zach be like, I'll take my girl girl girl Nicole, and the two of us will be standing there holding our dicks.

They all laugh and Cody says that is entirely possible.  Cody whispered that Brittany is forgetful and often leaves food out on the counter.  He says she left out a package of salmon and ruined it.  They also say that she doesn't really trust them at all, no matter what she says, and will get them out whenever she has a chance.

Derrick:  She thinks we're after her...and she's right...

This is Derrick's breakfast, and now Cody is going to cook his own eggs.  He doesn't use egg whites..he uses the whole egg.

Derrick scraped the pan clean for Cody while Cody remembered that in Season 12 the movie the house guests got to see was The Other Guys.  Cody loves that movie and started saying direct quotes about drug dealers.  (I think this was a cop movie...)

BB keeps telling Cody to stop quoting movies, while Derrick cracks up at Cody's lines.  Cody and Derrick both agree that the non-stick pan they have is anything but...the food always sticks to it.

Derrick asked if Zach snowboards...he says Zach needs to fly up to Rhode Island and they will go on a trip.

Derrick:  He (Cody) can just drive down, and my brother will come with us, too, and we can drive up to New Hampshire for the weekend.

Derrick sounded particularly excited about waiting to buy "all the booze" across the New Hampshire state line, since there is no tax on booze in that state.  (New Hampshire is expected to be the next state to legalize pot, too, from what I hear.)  Derrick says they can rent a house and just party and snowboard all weekend.  Zach was worried about the cost but Derrick says you can rent a house for the whole weekend for $400.

Derrick:  And you guys will love the is always full of beautiful girls and you guys can just destroy it.

Cody:  I'm crushing that, dude.

In the backyard Zach whispered a devious plan to Christine, who loved it.  The cameras didn't switch over in time for us to hear what it was, but Zach said he thought "she would totally believe it and it would be funny".  He asked Christine to keep it quiet for now.

Christine has a great laugh and all the guys love talking to her.

Victoria is getting all dolled up.  I think she needs to lose at least two feet of that drags her down but I know she doesn't feel comfortable without it.

Brittany is getting ready, too, and Victoria asked Brittany if she believed the rumors of Zach being related to Amanda.

Brittany:  No, I don't.  Pao Pao said A LOT of things on her way out of this house....

And with that, I believe the Team America challenge this week is complete.  Devin came in to put on hand lotion and tried to have a little conversation with Brittany about how she slept, etc.

Then Amber came in and Devin gave her advice on how to sleep to avoid getting blemishes.  (She's a model, dumbass..she knows...)

Amber zipped her hair up when she was putting on a hoodie last night and got her hair stuck in the zipper.  This is one of those stories that everyone loves to hear.

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