Friday, July 11, 2014

BoB Aftermath - Nicole is a Frog This Week #BB16

The game was called Abracadabra, or something like that, and Frankie swore that the backdrop was the Hogwarts set.  Donny and Amber won the competition, and as a result the HoH who nominated them (Nicole) has to wear a frog suit this week.

This is the best picture I could get at this point, and that headpiece looks like a real bitch. The legs of the frog suit are loose, like trousers.  I heard Nicole say she wishes the legs were cute tights.  Amber asked her if she was allowed to bedazzle it.

(Where is she supposed to get the bedazzle supplies Amber?)

Nicole had a good attitude about it, but said she hoped she wouldn't be evicted wearing the costume.   Amber says she hopes she gets to wear a costume like that while she's in the house.

Sure you do Amber, sure you do.

FYI  On BBAD last night, Christine, Victoria and Nicole sat in the HoH room and ripped Amber to shreds.  Victoria hates her, and was pounding her hand in her fist telling them how Amber just helps herself to Victoria's make up bag items.  She mentions some sort of spray product (maybe perfume, but I don't think so) that is almost gone, but Amber keeps using it anyway.

Nicole:  I have to tell you...yesterday after you left the room Amber sprayed it into the air twice.  I don't like her, so I'm going to tell you.

Victoria was livid...


After the competition, Derrick, Cody and Caleb rehashed everything in the HoH suite.  It sounded like Amber and Donny were communicating very well during the competition, and it looked like they could win it.

Apparently it was a puzzle they had to solve, and they had to hold something heavy up on ropes.  (I heard Amber say her legs were so sore she could hardly stand.)   They said Jocosta had her back to the puzzle most of the time, blocking Caleb's view and her back hit it and knocked a bunch of pieces off the board.

Derrick:  She had a bad week...she was dehydrated up wasn't something she could do.

Donny has apparently been telling everyone that Caleb was going to throw the competition, so Derrick hopes what happened today demonstrates that it wasn't Caleb's fault.  Caleb is rather pouty and Derrick says he'd be mad if he lost, too.

Look at Caleb, laying waste to a whole bag of Sun Chips.  He's shoving them in his pie hole two and three at a time.  I doubt he is even tasting them---he's just eating emotionally.  Looks like the Nacho Cheese flavor, too.  Yum.

It's a man's world...I saw Caleb eat a whole bag of chips on Wednesday, too.  It's just not fair how that happens.

They decided that if there is a House Guest's choice for the PoV, they should choose Hayden, because he's a beast.  Derrick said they weren't supposed to talk during the competition today, but Devin came over to him and announced that he figured out the second part of Derrick's little plan this week ---he thought they wanted to take Donny off the block and put Devin up against Amber.

Cody:  He's losing it.  That kid is losing it.

Cody said Devin was a moron, and then they talked about Nicole.

Derrick:  She's no joke, man.  Did you hear her?  She told Devin that he was her target...

Derrick hopes that when they walk in the backyard this Thursday for the HoH, that he sees "The Wall", because he knows that no one can hold on as long as Cody and Caleb.

Caleb:  Or Hayden...he's a beast.  If it's just the three of us, I'll jump off.  Because being HoH is only fun for the first 10 get your letter and your basket and then all hell breaks loose..

Derrick:  To be honest, it's not how I thought it would be.

Caleb left and the second he left the room Derrick locked the door and said they can really talk now.  Derrick said that this was something he wasn't going to talk about with anybody but Cody.

(Really Derrick?  Again with that nonsense?)

He said that if Devin couldn't go on the block, the target would be Caleb.

(But if Devin wins the PoV, he can save Caleb....and wouldn't that turn things upside down?  Caleb and Devin would have about a day and a half between the PoV competition and the ceremony to work that out...and if they don't think of it, surely the DR will...)

Cody really wants Caleb out, and thinks he should be the target.  They agree that Caleb's head isn't in the game because he's all about Amber.

Derrick is worried about Caleb coming upstairs too much this week because he already nominated him and it might look really funny.  He wants Cody to come up if he sees Caleb up there because people don't think Caleb and Cody are very close.  Cody agrees.

Victoria came up and still has glitter on from the competition.

Derrick told Cody that as his paisan, he wanted to choose him to host the PoV if he wasn't chosen to play, but Devin already came up and asked him as a special favor to let him host the competition as his last hurrah.

Victoria says he is so ridiculous.  Cody thinks Devin might be trying to use reverse psychology on him.

Derrick:  No, I think he just wants to make amends..he knows he's getting clowned...

Cody:  He told me that he would go out with how else would you go out?  What's he gonna do, tear the house down?  I guess he could, because he's the Hulk.

OK.  Here's a better look at Nicole, sitting on the couch talking to Donny.

Nicole:  I said, do I have to wear this for a whole week?  And they said Yep.  I don't think I can sleep with this thing on my head.

Donny:  If the room is lit up, you can turn it around and then it'll be dark.

Nicole:  That's true.

Nicole: And every minute on TV this week I'll be wearing it, and when I vote on Thursday..

Donny:  Better smile and blow America a kiss!

Nicole:  Oh geez!

Donny:  We could play leap frog!

Nicole:  Maybe outside...

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