Saturday, July 12, 2014

Beefcake, on Display. Brace Yourself For This....... #BB16

Yes, yes, the PoV is over, and Donny won.  We'll get to all that, in due time.  But right now, the whole house is celebrating with some sort of Australian Male Body Contest.  They are all talking in accents and the girls are watching as judges.

But who cares about all of that...let's get to leering.

Devin even walked through and struck a brief bicep pose.  They all clapped and cheered, but he didn't join the group "on stage", but I figure this is a good start for him.

They rolled up the legs of their shorts and Cody said he needed to go get two socks, since he wasn't prepared.  Hayden laughed and told him he was fine, in an Austrailian  accent.

(So does Cody sport a sock in his hot modeling photo?  You can see that here, near the end of the post. You might want to sit down first, if you haven't already seen the underwear picture.)

Here's the thing:  Nobody in that house has been hooking up at all.  Nobody.

Devin walked back through the camera shot.

The first muscle they were displaying was the shoulder muscle. Cody took his turn.

Here's the thing:  Nobody in that house has been hooking up at all.  Nobody.

Amber sashayed by the camera on her way to her seat.  She got all tarted up for the occasion, too.  Maybe Big Brother will give them some booze tonight.

Zach, who emceed, conferred with the judges.  Yes Zach, considered a major heartthrob all over the internet, wasn't even on stage, so there was plenty of talent waiting on the bench.

Look at the back of Nicole's frog head.  This might be the best costume ever, after Frank's carrot costume of course.  (See second picture posted, at this link from the FeedWatcher archive.)

Frankie ("Diamond") won the first round, and Hayden's character went nuts, shouting fuck you fuck you fuck you.

These are Hayden's calf muscles, complete with hideous tattoo.

And here they are, inspecting Caleb's legs.

You know CBS is going to use this footage for something, right?  They want to let America know that there is plenty left to see in the Big Brother house if Devin gets committed evicted.

I'm going to stop posting and watch for a while.  I'm sure you understand.  If you have the live feeds, or god knows if you sign up for your free trial, this happened around 4:25 on Camera 3.

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  1. Thank you. I'm disappointed in the lack of Zachmeat, but still....amazing.


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