Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bagels, Bees and Bugs #BB16

Christine and Nicole are sitting outside murmuring about what they should do this week, and who they would put up on the block if they win HoH this week.  It sounds like they don't need to win very badly, nor would they want to.  Nicole went through almost every house guest and said she wouldn't put them up.

Nicole doesn't want Caleb or Amber to win HoH.  Christine doesn't want Donny or Jocosta to win, and is terrified at the prospect.

(Christine really has been biting the bullet and trying to exercise with both Donny and Jocosta, walking around the backyard with them.  It is kind of painful to hear her overact with them...everything they do is "AWESOME" but she is really trying to work them, and doesn't show them how she really feels.  I don't think it's working, by the way, but it will keep her out of the Have Not room next week due to all of the exercise.)

Nicole:  It would be great if Victoria won HoH next week....Hayden could totally tell her what to do...

Christine:  And Derrick, too...

They both like the idea of that.

 Nicole ate a bagel.

Donny sat down with them, which abruptly ended the HoH talk, and then speak of the devil, Jocosta herself showed up and perched nearby. (Ha ha ha the irony ha ha ha)

Donny swatted at a wasp and Nicole and Christine flinched.  They are scared of wasps, but Nicole has never been bitten before.

Donny:  Oh, I get bit every year.  My job is to kill bees for the school, so every year one of 'em gets me.

Christine:  OH MY GOD!  (classic overacting)

Donny:  And the thing with wasps is, once one of 'em gets near you, they release a pheremone on you that tells all the other ones to come over to you, and they chase you.  I've literally been bitten and run the length of a football field and when I get in the truck, a few of them are there with me.

Christine:  OH MY GOD!  That is my worse nightmare!

Donny:  So what we do is, we wait until it's cool, and then we pour gasoline in the'll melt their wings off....gasoline is strong.  (looks at camera)  But that was our secret potion, so everybody needs to just forget that...

I think Christine was too stunned to pretend that was awesome.

Christine:  Well, maybe you'll save someone's life.  I've only been bitten by a bee three times, but that was not a good experience.

Donny:  I got stung nine times.  I had my hedge trimmers on, and the bees don't like the vibrations.  I had my headphones on for the noise, and this other guy seen 'em coming out but I couldn't hear him yelling at me about it.  They all got on my pants and started stingin' my legs.   I was right there in front of the Administration building, where all the big shots work.  I had my hand on the door knob and thought, I can't take them in there, so I ran all the way to my truck and killed nine of them hanging on my pants.  The bee sting burns worse to me than anything.

He also says last year he felt something on his back, and put his hand back there and a wasp stung him.

Donny:  I haven't been stung yet this year.  I always get stung every year....I just want to go ahead and get it over with.

Christine: Well go over there and grab that wasp Donny!


Yesterday I watched Cody take several pictures of Nicole with his HoH camera, but when the pictures were posted on the CBS website all of the Nicole pictures were deleted.  I'm guessing they don't want to show the German-tard until tonight's CBS show, where the PoV will be broadcast.

Which is stupid, because anybody who goes online to look at the damn HoH pictures surely already knows exactly what is going on in that house, right?

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