Friday, July 18, 2014

At Midnight, Mass Gluttony Took Place #BB16

When the clock struck midnight, the crowd gathered to watch the gluttony go down, and Caleb, Amber and Hayden begin to feast on all of the treats that had been prepared.  They had french toast, pigs in a blanket, pizza, and deviled eggs.

Victoria reached over Caleb to grab something, and then said excuse me.

Caleb:  It's okay.  I like your hair.

Hayden:  In your food?

Caleb snickered.

Caleb said the food was amazing.

Hayden was just eating and then realized the cameras were all on them, so then he started trying to be funny about all of the tripe he ate last week. (Not.)

(I don't find Hayden appealing in the slightest.  I don't dislike him (yet), but I don't really have any interest in anything that he does.  The bloody gingivitis teeth really skeeved me out, too.)

Amber is already getting full, she reports, but she keeps on eating.  Zach came in the room and Amber urged him to take a deviled egg.  Apparently they have some with relish, and some without. That is Zach's arm below, diving in to grab an egg.  He ate it while he walked to the sink, saying it was amazing.

Amber then urged Zach to try a Pig in a Blanket.

Zach:  This big thing right here?

He grabbed one, and loved it as well.

They laughed about the foil-wrapped pickle that Brittany gave Devin.  Devin gave Brittany a few large pickles when she was a Have Not as a gift (pickles are permitted Have Not foods), so that is why Brittany did that.

Zach:  He probably saw that and still thinks he has a chance with you...

Amber feels like a fat kid now, she says.  After only 13 minutes of eating, they have slowed to a stop and are all sighing.

Caleb:  I had three pieces of pizza, three pigs in a blanket, three deviled eggs, and two big scoops of macaroni and cheese.

Brittany hasn't had a hot dog since she was pregnant with her daughter 12 years ago, but she really wants a Pig in a Blanket now.  Amber urged her to take a few bites, and not to worry if she can't finish it, because someone else will.

Brittany ate so many hot dogs when she was pregnant that she hasn't wanted one since, she says.  Derrick came in and had some french toast.  He had some deviled eggs earlier without realizing that they were for the Have Nots, and felt like a douchebag.

Amber:  Thanks Mom, for teaching me how to cook!

Brittany looked up sharply when she said that.  Then Amber thanked her too, for helping set everything up tonight.  Caleb tried to butter up Amber's mom by talking about good country cooking.

Derrick:  No Have Nots this week!

Caleb:  But something worse....

(FYI Derrick pronounces his last name La-VASS-ur.)

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  1. As someone who workouts all the time and eats healthy, I love watching other people pig out, especially on big brother!


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