Friday, July 11, 2014

At Midnight, The Have Not Feeding Frenzy Began #BB16

As the clock neared midnight, the crowd in the kitchen started yelling for Derrick to come downstairs, interrupting his PowWow with Nicole.  Basically, they are going to work together this week, and Nicole thinks the BB fans will approve.  (We do.)

Derrick gave a shout out to the Feedsters and said it took a while, but the two Feedsters are going to work together, and Nicole called out "Nerds Unite".  They had some weak discussion of a Final Two, maybe down the road once the Jury starts, but I'm guessing both of knew that was utter bullshit.

Anyway, back to the food.  You know I love to talk about their eating habits.  This is one of my favorite things to watch, because they are all so hungry, and so appreciative of every bite.  But like Thanksgiving, after hours and hours of anticipation, the feeding only lasts about five minutes or so.

Let me just state I am very disappointed with the camera angles I had to choose from.  I didn't even get a close up of the food.


They count down, and cheer at the strike of midnight.  All hands in the air!

And I think we need to recognize Victoria here....she did very well this week, and I can't remember hearing her bitch or moan any more than anyone else.  Give that girl a sandwich.

There was apparently a tray of sandwiches that Zach and Brittany prepared.  Derrick said he just wanted a PB &J, because he was worried about throwing up.  There were also quesodillas, which is I think what Zach started on first.

(Would it have KILLED them to give us a camera shot of Zach eating his fucking food?)

Brittany made a peanut butter and jelly on a tortilla for Derrick and he thanked her.  He also had a side of guacamole and chips.

I guess.  I had to go on word of mouth only.  No camera close ups.  I think the crew must change shifts at midnight or something, because they sure weren't working very hard.  They never show this on the CBS show, so maybe that is why no one seemed to care about shooting the scene properly.

So...why are we having to look at this right now?  For the slop bucket?  Because I'm kind of tired of looking at Frankie, to be honest.  You can be creative and have great style and still not look like a moron.  That's all I'm saying, Frankie.

I like this shot, though.  To his credit, Derrick can eat but still speak rather clearly.  He and Zach both made some appreciative noises about how good everything tasted.

Devin is overheard in the background, making it all about himself.  He says he might just go ahead and move into the Have Not room, and announces that he's already sifted some slop powder to prepare for the diet.

(Shut up, Fool.)

And why do we now have to look at this view, with no food in sight?

Amber:  I haven't ate much at all.

(Yes, she's been hanging around Caleb too much....)

And now we're back to looking at this.

Frankie, staring at Zach:  Oh my god...that bite looked amazing...

Finally, another view.  Here we go.

Nicole joins the group and announces "Hayden! I took a poop in the HoH Room!"  Thank god this did not seem to disturb Zach's hearty appetite.

In the background Jocosta starts talking about her constant gastro issues, and Frankie yells "Who wants to poop in my HoH Room?"

On a more pleasant note, Cody came over like a Maitre'D, asking if everyone was enjoying everything.

Derrick says "euphoric" is the best word to describe the feeling.  That's a new word for Cody, unfortunately.

Devin continues to natter on about going in the Have Not room.  Maybe we shouldn't be so harsh on Devin, because he clearly has no clue about how to behave socially.

Nah!  Just kidding.


  1. I love watching them eat too!

    1. I guess u never saw Enzo eat, LOL...☺...


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