Friday, July 11, 2014

Assorted Action From Last Night - House Guests Scramble, and Much Ado About a Sandwich #BB16

I stayed up as late as I could last night, covering the exciting action after the live show ended.  But some pictures and action had to wait until this morning, so here we go.

Does Amber look happy to have the big galoot Caleb all over her like this?  I think not.

Amber actually wasted no time after the live show ended, making rounds and telling people that she was not aligned with Caleb, as much as he would like it.  She tried to make it clear that she is not interested in him, and wants to play her own game, and not be blamed for Devin and Caleb's mistakes.

(Well, isn't that convenient timing for you, Amber.)

Caleb still wants to protect Amber, his "princess".  Somehow she got demoted from "Queen" status, but maybe he got confused by Frankie's use of the word "Queen".

NOTE:  Frankie sarcastically told Caleb he liked his shirt, then said he'd been looking for that shirt for weeks.  (It's Frankie's shirt)  He admitted it looked good on Caleb, however.  ***whatever***

Amber gives her best "bitch, you crazy!" look, but I didn't hear her express that out loud.  Plus, Joey said those Cave walls are made out of hard plastic, so it is a good thing Amber has that nest of hair to cushion her head.

Frankie gave Victoria a lower back massage, telling anyone who walked by about Victoria's horrid back problems.  I think the real point is so Frankie could whisper and low-talk with Victoria.

I only took this picture to show how clean the back of Frankie's hair is, after Derrick shaved it for him yesterday, and the Fresh Pink Tips that Frankie installed after that.  Derrick actually pointed out a place on Frankie's neck where hair "doesn't grow naturally" so he made sure to shave in a manner which would hide that.

But afterwards Derrick told him to put some lotion on his neck, or maybe some alcohol, because there were some "nicks back there".  Once again, I am glad I am a girl, particularly for haircut purposes.

Derrick's seemingly initial plan to keep his Devin backdoor intentions a secret have just been thrown out the proverbial window.  He held a brief meeting in the Have Not room with Cody, Derrick, and new Fake Ally Caleb to discuss his plans.  Derrick did promise Caleb that he would not put him up, and I think he said the same about Amber--it seemed believable at the time to me, but who knows.

It is smart of Derrick to make friends with Caleb right now...he only needs one Jumbo Enemy at a time, and Caleb is probably overdue to crush a few competitions.  Also, Derrick may sense that Nicole will nominate Caleb and Amber, who would be favored to win the BoB and would be safe this week, anyway.

Hey Boo.

Caleb seems intent on carrying out this week's mission.  If Derrick were to use his skills for evil, and not good, I think he could get everyone to drink the poisoned Kool Aid.  Remember, he spent THREE YEARS in an undercover operation where making a mistake could get him killed.

That is just fucking gangster.

OK, about the sandwich.  We know that Derrick and Zach (and Brittany and Victoria) are all weak and starving and can't wait until midnight to eat.  Production told Derrick that winning HoH officially ended his Have Not status about 3-4 hours early, so technically he was allowed to eat.

Zach is giddy with excitement over having a big sandwich at midnight, and has been fantasizing about the various toppings and possible side dishes.  He lovingly made Derrick a sandwich and delivered it to him during one of Derrick's meetings.

Derrick:  Thanks, but I won't eat until midnight....we rolled in together Zach, and we're gonna roll out together, too.

Zach:  But I made it for you!  And you can eat it now!  Midnight is hours away...

Derrick: Put it in the fridge..

Zach:  But it won't be fresh then!  (ha ha ha)

Zach delivered the sandwich to Frankie instead.  Frankie said sure, he's hungry, and starts to eat.

The sandwich is roast beef with avocado and some hummus.  Frankie is not a graceful sandwich-eater, however, and kind of picks it apart.  Maybe he's suspicious of the contents.

Zach:  Oh I just loved cutting the avocado...and putting it together.  Are you thirsty?  I'm going to make Mama's sweet tea!

One of the girls said the cameras in the kitchen were focusing straight down on Zach as he prepared the sandwich, as if to catch him grabbing an early bite.

Zach got a moment alone with Derrick and said he was so happy he won.  Derrick said in his DR he gave Zach a shout-out...he watched how Zach hit the ball, and where he banked his shot and used that as a guide to win.

Derrick:  You know you have the week off, right?  Just lay by the pool and eat good this week...we'll talk later.

(Derrick is counting his chickens here...there is only going to be one HoH and Nicole might be that person.  And Nicole has a different target than Derrick does...)

Now Derrick is telling fucking Amber about his "secret plans" this week.  Caleb plans to threaten Nicole by telling her if he goes up on the block, she is his next target.

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