Thursday, July 31, 2014

As The Clock Stuck Midnight...Where Were the Have Nots? #BB16

Every week as the Have Nots end their week of hell at midnight, there is usually a lot of drama and excitement over them chowing down on copious amounts of food.  People stand around and cheer as they countdown to midnight, and the excitement is contagious.

So imagine my surprise to tune in to the live feeds at 11:55 pm BBT, and see the kitchen empty, except for Caleb who is being dainty about assembling a plate of something.  That doesn't look very good to me...not enough color on the plate for me.  He should add some salsa, a little avocado..

I'm sure that huge garbage pail adds a fresh, invigorating scent to the kitchen area.  Gross.

Just after midnight, this is the scene in the kitchen area.  Where's Derrick?  And aren't Nicole and Christine hungry?  What the hell, people?

Derrick finally strolls in like he has all day to do this, and looks at the turkey-cheese rollups that Caleb put in the oven and says "I'm down".

Derrick:  I'm down for anything but pizza...

(Because they had pizza dough as an additional food last week...they ate enough of it...)

Caleb:  I was gonna put a few of them cheese pizzas in the oven, but then I said, nah...

Derrick:  I'm good with pizza for about 4 months...

(I doubt that...)

Derrick went in the backyard with a platter and tongs so I guess he was out there grilling and we just couldn't see it.

Maybe their clock is wrong, because we're almost two minutes past midnight and I still don't see Caleb put anything into his mouth.  Cody is slicing up something and the knife sounds are the only sounds coming out of the kitchen right now.

Finally at 12:03 am Caleb whistles and opens the back door to let Derrick know it's time.  Cody weakly says you're not a Have Not anymore and that is pretty much all that happens.

Caleb grabbed a big hunk of some sort of meat and went over to the dining table and took a big bite and then set it down.  On his own plate, I hope.  He didn't make any "yummy" noises and just walked back over to the kitchen while Cody looks for the "mini pan".

I guess I'm the only one who gives a shit about this right now.  ***whatever***

Turns out Cody was shredding grilled chicken, probably for the quesadillas.  Finally Nicole shows up and shoves something in her mouth, saying "OH MY GOD" and we go to FISH.

Probably due to Caleb's constant Beast Mode singing and humming.

When the feeds return Caleb has announced he is so hungry he can't wait any longer, so he sits down and starts shoving huge bites into his mouth.  I can't say I blame him.  Beast Mode Cowboy is hungry, ya'll.

There is a long strand of gooey cheese that escaped from Caleb's mouth but you can't really see it in this picture very well.

Nicole is eating standing up in the kitchen, saying maybe it's because she hasn't eaten in a week, but the chicken is the best chicken she's ever had.

I heard Christine come in the room and she sounds like she's ready to eat, too.  I was starting to wonder about these girls.  Meanwhile two of the cameras show Frankie laying in the HoH bed running his mouth.  It's definitely Frankie's turn to get his ass in the Have Not room, and maybe even sit on the block or out on the couch with Julie Chen.  He's had HoH-itis since he first came in the house, in my opinion.

Caleb really is kind of ignoring Amber, but not in a mean way.  In a "I could care less way", which is good.  I'm proud of Caleb for this.  How great would it be if he fell in crazy love with Victoria or Nicole after Amber leaves the house?  And goes through the same obsession with them?  Damn that would be great.

Derrick came in with a platter of meat, and Christine bit into a tomato and is eyeballing an avocado.  I heard Caleb say several times recently that he didn't plan to make the same mistakes he made the last time he came off a Have Not week.  Apparently Caleb ate too much too fast and didn't feel so good for several days.

Has Caleb forgotten that promise he made to himself?  Maybe he's backed off a little since they don't expect to have an endurance competition tonight.  Because he just ate a piece of chicken after his turkey-cheese roll, and that is a huge wad of spaghetti he is shoveling in his mouth in the picture below.

(They saw a series of videos on the memory wall and suspect the competition will involve remembering what happened in the videos.)

Nicole finally sits down at the table and really cranks up her fork and knife.  She told Derrick it was the best chicken she's ever tasted, and Christine co-signs that, too.

Derrick:  See, if you moved to Rhode Island you could eat this chicken every week.

Christine:  Oh, I'm definitely moving to Rhode Island.

Derrick agrees with Caleb that he's "keeping it light tonight" and then Cody comes over with the first quesadilla, dumping it on Caleb's plate.  I watched him eat that in about 2 1/2 bites.

Amber does a little campaigning by stating that she's so happy for the Have Nots right now, and do they need any sour cream or salsa?  Derrick did a "cheers" with Nicole and Christine, walking around the table to congratulate them on the end of their first week as Have Nots.

Christine says the quesadilla ROCKS and gets up to get sour cream, saying she's going to "have a fat night".

Derrick asked Nicole if she was full, since she was starting to slow down.

Nicole:  I don't know.

Derrick laughs about how Nicole is just pushing food around on her plate now, and her eyes were bigger than her stomach.  Derrick got a quesadilla and Nicole throws in the towel, saying she just can't eat anymore.

Caleb:  I grew up in a "eat everything on your plate" household.   Let's see what you're made of..

Nicole: I just can't, Caleb.

But she ate a few more bites of spaghetti and pushed through.  Meanwhile Frankie and Zach are upstairs in bed, and Frankie is trying to find out what Zach's alliance with Cody and Derrick is up to, and giving him instructions about how they should play going forward.

Caleb came in the room and got in bed next to Frankie as they discussed Zach making him an ice cream float with Frankie's HoH snacks.


  1. Man, I love reading these eating frenzy posts!

  2. We were a little light on the frenzy part...but whatever.

    Jocosta is still a Have Not through Saturday so that is a pretty lonely situation for her. (Because of the PoV last week.)

  3. I guess it would be a frenzy to me cuz I'd probably not be able to scarf down so much food like they do but then again, I don't know what it's like to be on slop for a week...

    Poor Jocosta.


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