Thursday, July 3, 2014

As the Clock Struck Midnight, the Have Not Feeding Frenzy Began... #BB16

Zach calls out that there is one minute left, and the screaming and shouting started.

For someone going home the next day, Smurfette sure is excited.  Someone thanks Brittany for laying out the food and people chant "EAT EAT EAT EAT".  (Look at that platter of burgers up on the pedestal.)

There was a pizza, and the sandwiches next to the burgers are Reubans, I think.

Caleb told Brittany her offer of food was nice, but he "wanted them to eat all they wanted first".  But he actually ate before Cody did...I saw him grab one of those sandwich halves and shove it into his mouth as he moved out of the way.

I was hoping to get some close-ups of Cody chomping down on his burger, but the camera guys kept the wide shot on the kitchen scene.  He took a big bite of his burger and over the noise I heard "MMMMMMMM" and Christine announced loudly "Cody just came in his pants".

No close ups of that, either.

I think Cody actually had a burger in each hand, as Hayden crows that he didn't know food tasted so good.

Christine:  I feel like I'm stoned!

Zach is being very loud, singing in an operatic voice about the Have Nots eating food again.  It's rather annoying.  There were also several unappetizing comments about how the Have Nots are going to be in the bathroom all night, and I think someone said "they're eating all of our food".

Christine asked Brittany if she was tasting her food and she said she's really just swallowing it.  Hayden is getting to work on what looks like a burrito, too.

Hayden:  This is one of the best food moments of my life....I'm gonna throw up all night!

Cody:  This is like, stupid good.

Cody is eating a piece of pizza now, in total bliss.  I heard him say earlier in the day that eating pizza was all he could think about.

By 12:08 am, the frenzy was already winding down, and the chewing slowed down.   The group toasted the Have Nots, saying that they made it through the week with a minimum of complaining and "only a few personality changes".

Meanwhile Devin is whining about how fat he feels---he is going to run all day tomorrow because he ate so many carbs.

Devin is such a Drama Queen.  I'm waiting for him to ask the guys if those shorts make his butt look big or something.

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