Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ants, Ants, and More Ants #BB16

I tuned into the live feeds around 2:00 am and the place was dead, losing energy by the second.  The house guests are locked in tonight so we don't have the usual pool game to watch.  Everyone keeps saying how tired they are, and Amber is hungry.

They got new cups--the red plastic Solo cups and they seem to think these were gifts at the 1/3 mark of the game.  Derrick says it was a fast 30 days and Amber agrees it went by quickly, looking back at it.

(CBS is probably selling the cups, right?  And if you drink out of those cups now, doesn't that mean that you are having Purple Drank or sizzurp or something like that?  Everyone on TMZ is always saying, look at Justin Beiber drink sizzurp, but all I see is the red Solo cup...but of course I think he writes on his "Justin's Lean Drank" or whatever.)

Amber:  I just can't wait to get out of here and talk to know, some people I've been thinking about in friends.

(I think she caught herself just in time there....I think she was going to say real people or people she really likes or something.)

Derrick is going to bed now, and says he wants to get plenty of sleep so he can go beast mode tomorrow.

Caleb:  Oh...don't give me beast mode..

Derrick:  Then you can go calzone on the competition.

He warned that some of the endurance challenges have gone on for hours..up to seven hours but Cody doesn't believe that.

(In BB4 Diane won an endurance challenge against Jase that went about nine hours.)

Derrick brought up the challenges where you have to sit on something small and get whacked into a wall or something.  Derrick thinks people will start dropping like flies if that happens.

(One of the funniest HoH competition sights I saw was in BB11, when the cliques "graduated" and BB started whacking them with a HUGE diploma as they swung around in a circle.)

Derick thinks you are supposed to tap the FitBit a certain way when you get into bed to turn it off and save battery strength, and one no one can deny that, or correct him.

(The FitBit tracks their sleep patterns...I hope we get to see that.)

I guess that is someone's story book Bible.

Amber made what she called a Slop Tortilla for herself and Brittany.  She offered to put cheese on Brittany's tortilla but Brittany told her to just make it the same way she made her own.  I think she put salsa on it---the pan was really sizzling so maybe there was oil in there, too.

Cody was eating Lay's potato chips and rolled up the end of the bag and took it over to the food storage area.  He announced that one of the cereal boxes had a long trail of ants going right in it.  He went and got the ant spray and then started a widespread massacre of ant carnage.  The cameras tried to show us the damage done, but it is hard to see.

Hayden:  There are a million ants in this house.

Cody, annoyed:  Dude...more than a million.

Hayden:  I think we need to start getting some of them on the block so we can get them out of here.

Brittany is trying to eat her tortilla, and I see her cover her nose like this, and immediately I could smell that bug spray smell myself, even though I am thousands of miles away.  Cody is spraying and spraying, saying "look at this....just look".

Amber grabbed the cereal box and looked inside, confirming there were ants all over.

Amber:  Should I throw the box away?   What should I do?  Should I put the box in the trash?

Cody finally had to tell her "yes" after she asked at least 3 more times.  I wish he had told her to go put it in Caleb's bed, or to try and pull the ants out with her fingers.  Because I think she would have done either of those things, if Cody told her to.

The camera shifted quickly and I could clearly see an ant running across the counter, scurrying for his life, probably headed for the safety of Cody's folded Lay's potato chip bag.

Then things got quiet.


Hayden broke the silence by bringing up every adolescent's favorite topic, farting.

Hayden:  In the Have Not room we would say good night...and then within a minute someone would rip a really loud one and we would all crack up.


The cameras show us that Hayden is holding an open Bible, as he apologizes for farting. 

Amber:  You farted?  I'm going to go wash my face..

Brittany tells Hayden that what was disgusting was Devin...he was coming out of the HoH and didn't see her in the living room and let a really loud fart go at the top of the stairs.

Cody was there, too, and giggles, remembering that Devin didn't think anyone was "in the area", and that Devin was mortified when he heard Brittany say how gross it was.

Brittany:  It sounded like a bomb!

Cody:  A bong?

Brittany:  No, a bomb!

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  1. Wow, i completely forgot about BB4 Endurance Comp that lasted 9 hrs...i thought BB8 Endurance with ED & Zach was the longest in BB...i gotta go back and watch that BB4 Comp...☺...


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