Thursday, July 17, 2014

And We're Back #BB16

And Frankie and Cody won!

We didn't get to see any of the competition, but only the aftermath in the house.   Some house guests sit in the living room, discussing their strategy and how they handled the eggs.  Zach and Amber got a two-at-a-time strategy going near the end and said they could have won if they started that sooner.

Hell sure was dirty.  They guys have black crud stuck to their shoes and don't know if it's going to come off.  Derrick tried to help Caleb.

Zach's shoes are messed up, too.

Look at Victoria giving Amber the side eye here.  Amber is up on the counter, laying on her stomach, which is kind of un-Amber-like.

You know she used up all of Victoria's facial cleanser and Victoria pitched a hissy fit about it in the DR, right?

Derrick says Brittany and Jocosta were in the lead for most of it---then they dropped a few eggs.  He thought they had it in the bag because their fingers were so slender.

I'll bet Derrick really was sweating his ass off, watching them win in the very pits of hell.

Frankie wanted to go in the DR and "tell them he wanted a picture of his grandfather".

Did his grandfather just pass away?  Does Frankie know that?  Or was he really going to talk about his sister's picture?

I think there may be a minor scandal with the winner...Brittany was just working with her 12th egg when Cody and Frankie won, so she dropped it.  But then I think the winners had a cracked egg, or something like that, and Caleb said if she didn't drop it, she might have won.

But I"m not sure about that....we will have to listen for more details on that.

Zach and Frankie had a quick happy dance in the Fire Room, hugging and celebrating.  Then Zach went immediately to Storage, where he said into his mic that a piece of it fell off.

Zach:  So...what do you want me to do?


Zach:  I guess I'll put on the spare....I think that is what you'd want me to do.

Caleb has a big nasty lump on his chest, and told Brittany it was breast cancer.  But that was a lie, apparently.

Zach and Frankie went in the The Hive and the first thing Zach said was "OK, I'll bang you."

(Kidding...he was kidding.)

Frankie didn't want to talk about nominations yet.

Frankie:  I kind of have an idea...but it's not's not good....but I just want to be happy now.

Is Frankie going to shake shit up in there?

They remember what Julie said about Expecting the Unexpected and Zach is worried that any minute they will hear Julie say "Hello Houseguests!"

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