Friday, July 25, 2014

Amber Likes to Play With Fire #BB16

I am surfing around from last night's live feeds, looking for scenes that interest me, and jut before bedtime in the wee hours of the morning, I found Amber obviously flirting her ass off with Cody.

Everyone is kind of getting ready to go to sleep, but Amber not only still has her make up on, she is wearing red lipstick. She just went upstairs to talk to Zach, who was in bed alone trying to sleep, and is reporting to the group what was said up there.  Which was basically nothing.  Amber is going up on the block tomorrow one way or another, and I think she knows that.

Hey Boo.

Amber is a Have Not this week, so maybe she is just postponing the inevitable tonight, dreading going into the Have Not room.  Hayden is in the Rock Room trying to sleep,and occasionally they insult him and he curses them from his pillow.


Amber is not a Have Not this she is free to drape all over Cody as much as she likes,.

Amber and Cody wave their arms around, pretending to get fitness tracker activity while they lay around.  All of a sudden Amber is Miss Personality in there.

Derrick came in and made some comments about needing to get some sleep,and turned the lights off in there.  Christine's hand touched Derrick's junk somehow and he made some jokes about that.

Maybe they don't have to start sleeping in the Have Not room yet?  Because I don't see the four Have Nots in there at this point....

I backed up the feeds a few hours, to around 2:20 am BBT, and there is Amber again, right there by Cody.  Derrick and Frankie discussed the ADDITIONAL letter Frankie got tonight from his family, that specifically commented on watching Frankie on the live feeds sharing his grief with the house guests.

OK.  So now the Grande family gets to write multiple letters to Frankie every week?  Once again, I'm sorry for their loss, but this is getting ridiculous.

In the letter Frankie's sister mentioned "bedazzling a dragon" for Frankie, and making a large number of T-shirts and beaded bracelets.  Frankie can't even imagine what all that is about, but Cody thinks he is involved somehow.

It's probably "Zankie" related, right?

Frankie said he was going upstairs to bed, and didn't see Zach when he went into the HoH Suite.  He walked through the bathroom saying "where are you?"  Turns out Zach was sitting on the floor listening to his CD and they had a happy little celebration of the night's events.

I know people all over the internet are predicting there will be gay sex in the HoH Suite this week.  But there are also large groups of fans who swear that Cody and Nicole are in a showmance, too.  I think all of this is fan fiction.

I can't account for Zach's comments that he "will bang" Frankie, however.  But I think all of this started with a joke that has gotten out of hand.  Having said that, if I see any gay sex happening I will be sure to let you know.

(For Crissakes before the season started Caleb was supposed to be a raging homophobic racist based on his Instagram, and last night he curled his eyelashes and put on mascara, and has discussed cuddling up with Devin.  So who the hell knows what is going on with anyone, really.)

But in the picture below, Zach is trying to pull away from Frankie, saying they need to just open a beer and chill out.

But then this happened, albeit in a joking manner.

Zach:  I love you!

Frankie:  I love you more!

Then they went into the main HoH room and started talking about Mario Brothers.

There are certainly a large crop of "Team Zankie" fans out there on the web, but I feel like earlier in the season we heard more from Zach's college buddies.  Are they still out there, being vocal?

I may do some sleuthing this weekend to see what I can find out.  Maybe they are just as confused as we are right now.


  1. Do you know what music Zach chose?

  2. I have heard him say that he wanted "Jeezy" but then I heard him say he didn't get what he wanted. I will try and find out because I need that info, too.


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