Monday, July 7, 2014

Aftershocks From the ZachQuake #BB16

I'm still surfing around, surveying the damage from Zach's Bomb Squad explosion during the PoV Ceremony.

A group has gathered in the bathroom, talking about what happened.  Frankie came in acting forlorn so Derrick hugged him, saying "what's wrong?"

Ha ha ha.  Derrick is so low key.

Outside Zach was talking to Hayden.  He and Nicole got dragged into the whole mess because they were in the HoH room with Devin and Amber when Devin told them Paola was going to throw the BoB competition and that Hayden and Nicole would win easily.

Cody still looks good, so don't worry about that.  He suffered no physical damage as a result of today's explosive meeting.

Zach talked again with Frankie and said he did apologize for pointing at him during the meeting and saying his name.  That is the one part of his speech that he regrets, he says.

Devin is in a zombie-like state, and is talking to Jocosta.

Jocosta has her Bible in her hand and is telling Devin that she is proud that he kept it together when Zach brought his daughter into it today.  She doesn't think she could have remained calm if someone brought up her children like that.

Amber is trying to do major damage control now, to distance herself from Devin controlling her nominations and her knowledge of the PoV-throwing controversy. 

Paolo wishes she had listened to Brittany when Brittany told her that she couldn't trust Devin.  I think she realized that Brittany was half nude, so she shed a layer in a haughty fashion in an attempt to keep up.  You go, Pao Pao.

Because Amber is denying that Nicole and Hayden were told about Paolo rigging the competition, Nicole is upset and says she feels like she needs to clear her name now,and she didn't do anything but try to win the competition.

Derrick:  Amber's going to follow you guys around all day trying to deny it.

Derek says he believes Hayden...he has to because Hayden is from Boston and they have that connection.

Look at Brittany, strutting her stuff like a boss, and in HDTV too.  We should all drop down and do 20 push ups right now, out of respect.

Brittany said to Frankie that it's clear that it's going to be the three of them (Caleb, Devin,Amber) against everyone else, and that Frankie is just going to have to choose a side.

A few minutes later, Hayden and Frankie had a moment alone to chat.  Hayden is upset that he got dragged into the whole mess.  (I'll bet he is, because he was trying to coast as long as he can.)

Frankie:  What are we going to do now?

Hayden:  Well, we've got to get Devin and Caleb out...

Frankie:  But what about this week?

Hayden:  We can't get them out this week.

Frankie:  But WHO DO WE EVICT this week.

Hayden:  Oh. .....  I don't know.

He says they should keep Zach, since Zach is willing to battle Devin and Caleb.  This isn't the answer that Frankie wanted to hear, I don't think.


Frankie is still trying to end EVERY conversation with EVERYONE by saying "I love you!"  That just sounds so false now, and desperate.

You can't love everyone. Otherwise you can't really love anyone, right?

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