Friday, July 25, 2014

A Trip Around the Live Feeds to Survey Damage From the ZachQuake #BB16

Needless to say there is a lot of action on the live feeds this afternoon, after that action-packed nomination ceremony.

Cody looks stunned.  I don't know yet if he was aware at all of Zach's planned nomination speech.  I'm not sure he was, since his role this week was to get right back to flirting with all of the girls.  He didn't stay up in the HoH last night, kicking it instead in the Rock Room.

Frankie came in the Storage Room and made a case for why they can't let Zach be the final HoH this week.

Hey Boo.

Frankie says someone needs to drill it in to Victoria's head that she needs to lose the BoB this week.  He knows Jocosta is going to fight.

Nicole wanted to know if Frankie had any idea what Zach was going to say.

Frankie:  No, I didn't.  I mean, he kept changing his mind about what he was going to do about four times, and he kept saying it was going to be epic, but I had no idea.

(Of course he was right there when Zach put it all together...)

Nicole says she had no idea that she and Christine would be nominated together, but she did suspect she would be on the block today.  Check my DR, she says.  (Of course, no one can ever check your that is an empty statement.)

 Meanwhile, Victoria is sobbing in The Hive, while Jocosta tries to pump her up.  They both agree they have to win today...there is no other option.

Victoria:  I have done nothing in this house!  And nothing in this game!  So why does this keep happening?

(ha ha ha ha)

Victoria knows her parents will be upset to see her picked on every week.  Jocosta says that no matter what the competition is, they need to maintain constant eye contact throughout the entire thing, to make sure they are working together to win.

Jocosta:  Well, no matter what happens, I'm not gonna be rachet on TV...I have two boys.. and a husband...and a sister...and I'm not going to embarrass them..and God...I'm not going to embarrass him!  And have him look down on me and say what have I created?

Not a moment too soon, the cameras change to the HoH room, where Donny is sitting calmly chatting with Zach and Frankie.

Frankie says at least Zach put on a show for them, and admits nominating Jocosta was not a very heroic thing to do, since she's such an easy target.

Frankie:  You understand why I did it, though?

Donny:  Yeah, I do.

Frankie:  Did you enjoy this episode of Big Brother?

Donny:  Yes, I did.  But it's about time for somebody else to walk up here, so we better stop talking.

Zach:  Yeah, it's time for Amber to show up.

Donny:  She inventories every room, every ten minutes...

(ha ha ha)

Zach pours a bowl of Apple Jacks and starts crunching away. They all say they will use the PoV no matter what, and the backdoor is implied but not spoken of out loud.  Donny gets up to leave and makes a small speech.

Donny:  I want to thank both of you gentlemen for not puttin' me up...I've been up there three times already and I'm tired of it.

Zach:  No problem Donny.  You played a big part in getting Devin out of here so you've definitely paid it forward.

As soon as the door clicked shut behind Donny, Zach had something to say to Frankie.

Zach:  I think I put another rumor out there....I might have told Nicole not to trust Christine...

Frankie:  Okay...

Zach:  Christine came up to me and said I'm not pissed at you about the nomination...I'm pissed that you told Nicole not to trust now they're working against each other...

(This is neither here nor there, but  I like Zach's new cap.  It is very becoming and I was getting tired of that pink one. Also, that is his Grandma's refrigerator magnet he is wearing as a pendant.  LOL.)


After watching BBAD, I realize there is a reason why I like Zach's new cap---it is an FSU hat!  My alma mater.  The hat is not new, and Zach thinks it is a joke since he obviously went to UF.  He thinks it is his uncle's hat.  Zach wearing an FSU hat makes it even better...he has balls.  Because the two schools have a HUGE rivalry.


Zach:  We'll see how it plays out...but I'm stirring up a lot of shit in this a good way though. I think this is the best thing I could do..

Frankie says it is making people nuts, but they will understand the plan at some point.  They agree all Caleb cares about is keeping Amber off the block---he doesn't care that Zach nominated Christine, who is supposed to be in his alliance.

Zach plowed through another bowl of cereal, saying he wants to go downstairs and tell Nicole to "stop crying and being a frickin' baby".  Zach slurps and crunches his cereal and the noise is very loud.

(I guess his microphone is "turnt up".)

Derrick arrives and sits on the couch and they wait for him to speak.

Derrick:  Wow.

Frankie:  Status?

Derrick:  Well, everyone is kind of separated from each other down there.  How do you want me to play this?

Zach:  ***crunch crunch***  Honestly, I don't know.  Christine hates me...because I might have told Nicole not to trust her.

Derrick:  So you don't want me to say anything to them?

Zach:  Honestly, I just want Nicole to cry right up until the time of the BoB, and then blow it so I can be the HoH.  If anything, I might say worse things to them..

They agree to say that Zach's actions were spontaneous, and that he is going to do whatever he wants to do, playing by the seat of his pants.  Both HoH's have a plan to target someone other than the nominees, so whatever happens they can say it was all a plan.

Zach rips into a package of candy and says "it is what it is".

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