Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Little More Beefcake...and Then On With the Game #BB16

Just a little follow up from the last post....I tried to just watch and enjoy the view, but I just had to take a few pictures.

Cody's right leg.  I assume the other one is just as good.

Cody's caboose.   During this little show, the all acted very gay, still using the Austrailian accents.  They talked about hot oil dripping down Cody's rump, for example.

Hayden got a close look at Caleb's ass.  How can Caleb's abs look like that when he ate a whole bag of Sunchips last night?  Life just isn't fair.

Hayden gave the Full Monty, being careful that he wasn't facing a camera.  That he knew of, anyway.

Yes, that is Frankie showing his ass for the competition.

OK.  I think we've seen enough of that.  I'm sure this will be a popular clip on YouTube soon.

Here's Donny, the PoV winner, in the storage room after his win.  Devin came very close to winning the PoV.  It sounds like they had to challenge each other, and the winner advanced.  Devin went through four people, until Donny beat him.  And then Donny beat Caleb at the end.

Zach listened intently to Caleb's story about Victoria, and how she approached Devin after he won the PoV last week to tell him that if he put Zach on the block, she would vote Zach out.

Caleb said he also heard Devin tell this same story to Derrick, lending credibility to what he told Celeb earlier.

Zach said Victoria was a big piece of shit, the worst ever.  I hope Zach doesn't get aggressive again towards Victoria, because I don't think those girls will give him a second chance.

The Have Nots Derrick appointed were Devin, Caleb and Amber, all of whom volunteered as they are down to only a handful of people who haven't been Have Nots yet.  Hayden volunteered in place of Christine.  It was her turn, but with her long list of dietary restrictions it was really nice of Hayden to do it.  He's comfortable in the game one is aiming for him now.

America picked Tortillas, Tripe and Tomatillos this week for the Have Not foods.  I guess they can work with the tortillas and tomatillos.  Caleb tried the tripe right there at the table and said he nearly vomited.  It was horrible and he can't get the taste out of his mouth.  He's going to try and boil it, though, to see if he can work with it.

If you don't know, tripe is the cow's intestines, or something disgusting like that.  They really are sticking it to the Have Nots this year, and not even showing much of it on TV.

Nicole sat up in the HoH with Derrick discussing how scary that competition was, and what a close call they had.  They think the house will realize what a huge threat Devin is now, after he nearly took out all of them.

Nicole must have an outdoor Frog outfit, because she is wearing little shorts now.  I'll bet Production will get her some green tights to wear, since Nicole is the most popular female player now on the Joker's popularity polls.

Derrick hopes he has built some trust with Nicole now, and other people who may have doubted him lately.  He hopes Nicole will keep him safe next week, and even influence any close friends of her's who may be HoH, too.

Nicole says she would never put him up.

Nicole:  How are you even talking to me, while I'm wearing this?

Derrick:  Because I'm a fan, and I think it's awesome.

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  1. I missed the part where Zach was mean toVictoria. What did he say/do?


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