Friday, June 20, 2014

Yes, the Twists are Indeed Very Twisty #BB16

Julie Chen announced earlier this week that this will be the twistiest season ever of Big Brother.  Without understanding the entire situation yet, here is what she said:

*  There will be two HoH's every week.
*  Each HoH will nominate two house guests.
*  One HoH is not safe from eviction, but I am assuming their nominations are null and void in that case.
*  There will be a "Battle of the Block" each week, which we can assume will determine which HoH prevails as The Real HoH.  Or whatever we are going to call that role in the game.
*  The viewers will participate in an "interactive" manner like never before, as "Team America".

Will this prevent floating?  Throwing competitions?  Will anyone still want to be one of the two HoH's?  Because if you are the HoH who loses the Battle of the Block, then it seems to me that you have just pissed off two house guests, and put yourself at a higher risk of eviction.

I'm not surprised that America will play a bigger role, and I do expect this to mean different things as the summer plays out.  Production can modify these Twisty Twists to make what they think will be a more successful TV show, and as Team America, we need to be sure that we make smart choices with our votes.

But if you didn't already vote for the poll that was on the CBS website yesterday, then you are out of luck. The poll is closed.

Yep, closed.  Within just a few hours of beginning, it was over.

The result of this is that Frankie Grande is likely the house guest chosen in the poll.  Because Frankie's little sister Ariana is a celebrity of some sort who has over fifteen million Twitter followers.  And she is the one tweeting under Frankie's twitter account this summer as well.  I don't really know who she is, or what she does, but I'm sure I will be an Ariana Grande Expert by the end of the summer, or until Frankie leaves the house.

(Just look at Frankie in the picture above....front and center, with outstretched arms.  No way that is not an accident.)

Frankie has his own life, to be sure, with his own You Tube channel and some experience on Broadway.  He's not just Ariana's Big Brother (pun intended).  But let's face it, Production knew this would happen.  If Ariana tells her fifteen million followers to watch Big Brother, that can generate big ratings for CBS.  And without big ratings, there is no show.  So there's that. 

But will the house guests know who Team America picked?  Will it hurt Frankie?  Or help him?

I guess we will find out soon enough.   Please remember that Big Brother 16 will be a marathon, not a sprint.  If you are a regular reader of this site, then you know that I don't do a lot of bitching and moaning about Production.  I also try to form my own opinions about the house guests, based on what I see and hear, and I strive to report the facts.

So with that in mind, here we go.....


Are you an Ariana Grande fan?  What do I need to know about her to be a more effective FeedWatcher?

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