Friday, June 27, 2014

Victoria's Insecurities Come Out #BB16

She called Frankie in the Lounge to share with him...she's been having a break down and it takes her a few moments to come out with it.

She says she used to have long hair, but "it all fell out" in the shower and now she has hair extensions.  She wasn't going to come on the show because of this, and is worried everyone will "talk about how ugly she is".

It is shoulder length now, she says, but when it first fell out it was "this short" (several inches?).

Frankie is very supportive and says that he's a gay guy, and he didn't even know she had extensions, so they must look good.  He gives her a hug and tells her she is gorgeous, and that his sister had a problem one time with her hair breaking off.

Frankie:  It's will grow back.

Victoria wears clip-ons now and shows him how short her hair is.

Victoria:  I look disgusting....I can't stand to look at it.


Two things:

1.  People who conduct themselves like Victoria did during casting are obviously masking some deeper issues.  She kept saying how great she was, and even said in the DR that she was the hottest girl in the house.  If you know people in your life who act in an extreme manner like Victoria did, there is ALWAYS a deeper issue there.

2.  I knew her hair was fake.  The different lengths of hair were clearly visible in her video with Rachel Reilly and Ryan Carillo (included at this link).  I even made a comment in one of my posts earlier today about Victoria's hair, saying we'd find out soon enough if it was real or not.  So many women have hair extensions now...Victoria is really self-absorbed to think she is the only one, and that anyone would even care about it.  And if she was so worried about it, she could have gotten the extensions that are sewn into her hair.  You can feel the seam with your hand, but they look great.


Due to popular demand, I have updated this post with a variety of additional pictures of Victoria's real hair.  You can enjoy this new information here.


The following pictures were taken of the house guests as they waited for the PoV to start.  I thought I would post them instead of deleting them.

Amber fixed Pao Pao's hair and said she learned these skills when she went to beauty school.  Or whatever she did.

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