Friday, June 27, 2014

They Know Their Families are Watching the Live Feeds... #BB16

One of the morning wake up songs was the Lion King.  Zach dreamed that he "beat up every person he ever met".

This is promising:  Nicole and Christine were whispering in the Storage Room and were trying to be quick about it.  One of them said they would "talk to Brittany about it today".

(I think the house may be planning to backdoor someone this week....and it just might be someone with blue hair, but don't quote me on that yet.)  I think Donny is also a strong target, but I guess he could win the PoV to save himself.

This must be Christine's morning game face.

Zach knows his mom is watching the live feeds right now.  He and Donny are fantasizing about being HoH next week and being able to sleep up there all day.  Donny said Zach could summon someone up with his meals, and he could "eat in the bathtub".

Zach is once again representing the Florida Gators with his T-shirt.  (I went to the rival college FSU, but after living in New York for a few years  I am a fan of all of the Florida colleges.  Except Miami, of course.  Duh.)

Derrick talks about his DR sessions for several minutes before Production tells him to shut up about it.  He says that the DR session today was fast, because they just had to "fill in the holes" and get what they need for the show.  He is looking forward to going in there to talk about events "in real time" because he says his emotions will be stronger.  He mentions one time when he went in there and was just "banging out lines" and it felt really good to talk to them.

Derrick seems to be fitting in really well with the guys.  When he speaks he moves around a lot and is very energetic.  Derrick is a Have Not along with Cody, Brittany, and Donny.  I thought Zach might be a Have Not but I'm not sure.  Donny jokes about Cody winning a "greasy cheeseburger" instead of the PoV this week.

Victoria walked in all made up and Derrick told her she doesn't have to get made up like this every times she goes in there.

Derrick:  The people watching us now (gesturing to the LF cameras) are the same ones who are going to be watching you in the DR!

A few minutes later Cody made some sort of low comment that I think was a complaint about Victoria and all of the guys laughed.  Derrick made hand motions to show how Cody's tolerance level is plummeting this week.

Cody is sure his dad is watching him now.  He says his dad doesn't work on Fridays, so he knows his dad will be glued to the Live Feeds all day.  They all turn to the camera and greet Cody's dad.  I think they called him "Cody Calzone's dad".

Upstairs in the HoH Suite Caleb and Frankie are acting like an old married couple, talking about how their abs hurt.

Caleb walks over to Frankie to show him where his soaz muscles are, or something like that.

Caleb wants us to know that he doesn't have to wear a cowboy hat everyday.  He also likes to wear his camouflage cap, and says he wouldn't normally wear pink, but he's "rocking it now".

Back in the living room Zach is demonstrating being mad at Victoria, I think.

Derrick told a story about how he got the scar on his face when he was 10 years old.  He also has a scar from where his "dog bit his face".

Production reminded them that they can't sleep on the couch in the living room.

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