Friday, June 27, 2014

The First PoV Competition of the Summer is Over #BB16

And Donny Thompson won.  People are milling around the kitchen, grabbing food and you can feel the tension.  Somebody else is going up on the block, and people are nervous.

Devin is in the bathroom congratulating Donny, and is laying it on really thick, saying he's so happy for Donny and happy for their group as well.  (Devin was leading the charge to vote Donny out, actually...)

Devin:  I'm just glad your not up there, and Amber's not up there since your're both in our group.

Now that Donny is staying for at least another week, he's worried about running out of deodarant.  Devin tells him there is a cabinet in storage where he can find some.  Donny has pimples, too, which seem to be going around the house.  It was apparently a pretty messy competition but Donny says he didn't get that dirty.

Nicole and Hayden go into the Have Not room to whisper about the situation.  I guess it is only cold in there at night, since no one appears to be shivering now.  Nicole is worried about being put on the block and says it sucks that she didn't even get to play for the PoV.

Hayden tells her he thinks Joey might be the target, and not to do anything crazy since they think they are both safe.  Nicole thinks she could bring Christine in on their group if they need her because they stayed up until 6:00 am, talking.

The Have Not room is not very nice to look at this year, but I guess it is a nasty experience if you have to sleep in there at night.  (I thought the Airplane last year was cool-looking, and the Padded Room of BB13 was a great backdrop for pictures.)  I think those coils on the wall are supposed to look like refrigerator coils....not too sure about that look...

In the kitchen Amber is telling Frankie that her sister would love him, and that she is going to take him to Nashville to see the sights.  Frankie can't wait for that.

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