Monday, June 30, 2014

So Let's Catch Up With the Big Story From Last Night...... #BB16

But First.....I took the following pictures yesterday afternoon but didn't get to post them.  I know people like the bikini shots so better late than never, I guess.

Brittany certainly does not look like she popped out three kids.  That is a definite advantage to having your children while you are young...your skin is very elastic and just snaps right back in place.

This is as close as Derrick got to tanning yesterday (although I certainly might have missed some action).  He came out and plopped down on the backyard couch , covering himself with a towel and said something along the lines of "at least I'm getting some sun now...".

Not necessarily, Derrick.  I am not a police officer and know nothing about blood coagulation or felony statutes, but I am a former Beach Bunny and minored in Professional Tanning.  So I can assure Derrick this method of tanning will not be effective.

Derrick and Cody are becoming fast friends and it may be a little too obvious to everyone that something is going on there.  Plus, Jeff Schroeder is going to be jealous.

At one point Donny came outside in his swim trunks and said that at home his girlfriend is probably at home saying, "every time Brittany is outside sunning Donny goes out there" and all of the guys laughed.

OK, fast forward to Flashbacks from last night.  I heard Caleb confessed his feelings to Amber so I'm looking for that (around 2:00 am) but of course I stopped when I saw Derrick.

I guess he did get a little color outside today.  I'm big enough to admit that.

The Have Nots got some bad news last night.  They had been putting blankets over the beds to make them warmer but in the DR they were told that they can't do that anymore---the beds need to be clear of items before they lay down.

The Have Not situation hasn't even been covered on the CBS show yet---so Production has to be sure they get enough footage to be able to explain the horrors of being a Have Not to America.  So I'm guessing they need some more footage of shivering in bed, etc.

The worst time to be a Have Not is the first week of the game, because the rules are much stricter and America doesn't vote to give them additional foods to eat (like Liver & Lollipops or Bok Choy & Baby Food).  Plus they are feeling lethargic during the crucial first days of the game, but they do form very strong bonds with the other Have Nots who they may not be aligned with---this could help them later on in the game.

Zach and Cody laughed about how Victoria thinks Cody is into her.  Zach said her face is busted but she has a nice body and he could tell that Cody was tempted.  Victoria told Derrick that something was up because "Cody wasn't talking to her".  Derrick, Cody and Zach say one of them has to win HoH next week.

(I think their alliance name is "Jump Street", which is pretty funny since Derrick worked undercover.)

Zach thinks Amber will throw comps because no one in the house would put her up on the block.  Derrick thinks there will be two separate HoH competitions.

Joey came in to complain about having to move her clothes again but they end up thanking Big Brother for letting them bend the rules for a few days.

Zach and Cody stayed behind in the room when everyone left and they talk about how bad they want to win HoH.  They whisper about putting Victoria, Jocasta, or Donny up.

Zach:  After week, you and Derrick.....

Cody:  Yeah...we'll just clean up!

Brittany came in and then left the room.  Cody said she "had, like an attitude, and he loves it".  He thinks she's on to his game because she knows he's aligned with the guys.  Zach said that next week when Cody is HoH....(made hand signals to indicate Cody will hit that).  Then they acknowledge that Brittany is a mother so that would be inappropriate.  They can't believe all of the shoes that Brittany brought in the house.

OK, here we go.  Caleb has summoned Amber to the HoH Room for a little chat.  Amber is perched on the Bird's Nest Bed as far away as she can get, without falling out of the nest.

Caleb:  I like you.  OK?  We've already done gone over most of this already.  I'm not looking for a showmance and neither are you.

Amber:  Right.

Caleb:  Showmances are for a short time and for 9 million people to see and then it's over, and that's not what  I want.  I don't know if I'm seeing what I'm seeing....I haven't had this conversation in like, 4 years.....I am attracted to you in ways beyond that you are drop-dead gorgeous...I see you reading the Bible and giving people Scripture and that attracts me to you...

(I may vomit.  Seriously.)

Amber:  Is that a good thing?

Caleb:  Yes!

Amber:  Then thank you for the compliment.

Caleb:  I don't know...but there is one thing I do look at me a certain way, and I know you feel the same I wrong?

Amber:  I don't know.  I look at everybody a lot.

Caleb:  Well, people have told me that you look at me in a certain way.  Everybody sees it.  And there is this vibe between us....of course not now, but when this is all over...

Amber:  This is, like, news to me...

Caleb:  This is news?  Well, you know I was attracted to you at the gym (in sequester?) but then when I seen how you really are, I saw you were a lot different than I seen you to be...

(The preceeding statement by Caleb was not altered by me for comedic purposes.  I swear.  As they say, "check the tape".)

Caleb:  Pao Pao told me to wait, but I don't want to wait.  There might be a twist and one of us could be gone and then I won't see you no more....hopefully when this is all over I can stay out here and take you out on a big-time date...have some dinner...maybe see a freaking movie or something...I don't know...I don't know nothin' about California.

Amber:  You're all giddy.

Caleb:  I haven't given a speech like this in a long time. I want to know a lot more about you then I know now.  I don't know why people are sayin' what they're sayin' right now...

Amber:  We're in a house right now with nothing to do but get to know each other.

Caleb:  I feel like people see it, and there nothing we've done to make them see it like that, but I know every time I walk into a room, you leave, and I think you do it so people won't see it...

Amber:  I'm I do that?  Leave the room?

Caleb:  I think it's your don't want to put a target on yourself...while I was here I just wanted to tell you how I feel...

Amber:  Well thank you.

Caleb:  I know I've only known you for about a week and a half, but I seen you at finals....

Amber told Caleb she "was good" and changed the topic to being thirsty after eating some sort of salty snack.  She told him she wants to get to know him and everybody else as a friend and he nodded and said "cool".  The conversation ended awkwardly, with Caleb saying "I don't know...I don't know" over and over.

Amber immediately went downstairs and told the girls what just happened.

Amber (whispering loudly): Caleb just confessed that he liked me, and I was like....I...don'!

Jocasta:  Don't will go away....but we're trapped in here...ha it won't go away....

There was another awkward moment as Caleb came downstairs to go in the DR and tried to play it off like he got called in there after every conversation he has "up there".

Amber:  Because you're HoH?

After Caleb went in the DR Amber laughed about the way Caleb said "I see the way you look at me!".  Nicole and Victoria were in the kitchen, too, enjoying the laughs.

(NOTE TO MEN:  In case you don't know, we talk about you, too, in ways that can be far more hurtful then you just criticizing the size of our boobs.)

Frankie and Christine had a meeting in The Hive where they both said they would love to go to the end of the game together.  They "practice" for competitions together by reciting what happened each day and talk about how stupid everyone else is.

Christine kept bringing up Derrick and Cody's relationship like that might be a problem.

Caleb sat alone and probably wondered where it all went wrong.  I think Amber made it really clear that she's not interested, and Caleb may have even heard her laughing about it when he went downstairs.  I think Caleb has potential to be volatile in there, particularly when he has to live in the General Population after being HoH.  Amber may be sorry she didn't keep the conversation to tomorrow afternoon everyone will know all about this...I'm predicting Caleb turns on her....big time.

Do they still have the spy screen up there in the HoH?

Nicole used Amber's conversation about Caleb to reiterate that she is not having a showmance with Hayden.

Nicole:  I mean, I wanted a back massage but I didn't want everyone to think we're involved.

Cody sat in the Have Not room and laughed with Joey about how some house guests seem to get drunk after only one or two drinks.  Like Nicole, who admitted she was a lightweight, and Victoria, who Cody says is an angry drunk.

Cody:  This is why they don't give us a lot of booze....if they gave us an overabundance...Pao Pao would end up punching someone in the face..

Joey:  Yeah, why don't they give us more alcohol?

Cody:  Because this isn't The Real World!

I think Joey might be sounds like Cody and Zach are on her side, and we know Devin is....


  1. Did you see Caleb was wearing Amber's dress around his neck for hours yesterday? Perhaps he was using it to psych himself up for his speech? Creepy.

  2. He's so Hantz-y.

    At first I thought it might be fun for Caleb and Devin to go at it over Amber's affections, but can you imagine the carnage? Evel Dick told us that there was no security backstage---even if there was they would need stun guns and tear gas to pull Devin and Caleb apart if they got into it.

    They could barely handle Willie's little tirade with the pork rinds and head butts during BB14!


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