Saturday, June 28, 2014

Shhhh! Don't Mention My Showmance! #BB16

Victoria and Nicole went out in the backyard to get some sun.  Victoria puts on very high-SPF sunscreen when she goes outside.  As they got ready to lay down Victoria made a comment about Nicole and Hayden.

Victoria:  You guys are cute together.

Nicole:  He is so far from my couldn't get any further from my type on paper...

Victoria:  Well, you might see him when this is never know..

Nicole:  How are you and Cody?

Victoria:  We're fine...

Victoria started talking really low, because the guys were on the other side of the yard.  She doesn't want Nicole to say things loudly like "how are you and Cody" because she doesn't want anyone to think she is in a showmance.  But she told Nicole about running into Cody when it was just the two of them and apparently he acted differently towards her, demonstrating that he liked her.

Nicole:  I haven't heard anybody talking about you and Cody being in a showmance...

Victoria:  Good.  Tell me if you hear that.

Nicole had on shorts but it was too hot for that, so she went inside to put on a pair of bikini bottoms.

They both have a fishtail braid today, courtesy of Victoria.

Almost as soon as they got settled, Victoria wanted some water so she went over to the mini-fridge in the backyard to grab a bottle.

Then she called over to the guys to see if any of them wanted water.  They did.  So she sashayed back over there to get them some, too.

I've been to the beach with girls like Victoria before.  They just can't get settled and have to keep getting up and walking around...

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