Sunday, June 29, 2014

PoV Ceremony Aftermath #BB16

Yep, that's Joey in the bed, sniffling after being nominated.

Brittany is whispering with Pao Pao in the Hive, wondering if she should vote for Joey to leave so she doesn't make more waves in the house.  She thinks she is going to be targeted next week.

Paola tells her that isn't true, that Devin has many other targets.

Amber uses her feet at home to close the refrigerator and the oven, etc.  Not too crazy about the hair accessory she keeps wearing every day...

Oh dear.

Caleb admires himself and declares himself awesome looking.

Wow look at how filthy the window is!  Devin and Amber are whispering and I think I heard him say that no one knows they are working together.

OMG now he starts repeating the drama about the little tiff with Brittany over the lotion and the bed sheets.

Devin:  And she told me that it wasn't just about the lotion and the bed sheets, that there was a deeper issue there...and here I am, 26 years old, talking about this on my daughter's burthday.....


I fucking KNEW that Devin was going to go on and on and on about his goddamn daughter 24-7 in the house!  I knew it but I tried to be somewhat polite on his "Meet the Houseguest" recap.  Believe me, I had some stronger wording in there originally but I took it out since the season hadn't even started yet.

And on top of the "Daughter Daughter Daughter" obsession, he is a whiney crybaby who mumbles all the time!

It just goes to show that looks are not everything.....I couldn't put up with Devin's shit for one day....can you imagine being on a date with him at O'Charley's or something and listening to him go on and on about his daughter?


And isn't it a tell when a woman touches her hair or face when talking to a man?  Any body language experts out there?

Zach came out of the bathroom and washed his hands, staying out of the conversation.

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