Friday, June 27, 2014

PoV Aftermath...Some Exhale, Some Hyperventilate #BB16

Britanny was already relaxed today, even before the PoV.  She and Victoria won the Battle of the Block so they are both safe this week no matter what happens today.

And Caleb would never nominate Amber.  Hell no.   I think Caleb has plans for Amber.

But Pao Poa?  Since Donny will come off the block, she'll still be up there with whoever goes up next to her.  I think the other person (probably Joey) is the target, but it still can't be a good feeling.  She seems to be pretty cool about it, actually.

Frankie had some sort of issue with the surface of the new memory wall.  I think he said there was a glare, and since they spent so much money on the new wall, he doesn't understand why they didn't check that.

(Isn't Victoria's hair all you can see in that picture?)

We are going to look back on the decor of the BB16 house years from now, and it will seem even uglier than we thought it was.  And I don't often bitch and moan about Production.  They're working hard over there, all the time.

Caleb is so Hanttz-y, with his redneck drawl, issuing direction and instruction.  Zach has really learned how to suck up to the right people, after that hot mess we saw on the Thursday night CBS show, when he ripped into Frankie.

Derrick is making some sort of slop dish that is sweet, with brown sugar on it.  He was in storage a few minutes looking for vanilla extract.  I like the way he thinks out loud like that, when he's alone.  He's not speaking directly to us, but he knows we are there.

(Derrick is a live feeder...he already bought the feeds this year before he knew he made the cast.)

Devin just talks and talks and talks and talks.  Earlier, he was going on and on about how he is going to win HoH this week.  He said he is doing mad cardio when he can to get ready for it.  Then he described EVERY thing he has eaten today, making a big production about how healthy he is.  He didn't just name the food...he named the count, too.  For example:

Devin:  I had two carrots.....three Triscuits with cheese...

What guy talks like this?  He's like a damn girl obsessing about food. I can say that, because I'm a damn girl too..

Now Devin is literally telling Donny what each minute of his day is like at home.

Devin:  ...then I get in my car, and I'm home in ten minutes, and then I call my mom, and then.....

The clouds look like some sort of toxic smoke behind the living room, right?  Is that what we're using the new HDTV for?  Smoke?

Joey is having a very hard time with the slop is wreaking havoc on her digestive system.

Except that is not how Joey described it.  No, Joey gave a very graphic description of her issues, right there in the kitchen, and I had to change cameras so as not to throw up my own dinner.

Meanwhile, Zach and Frankie meet again in the HoH to talk about, like, how awesome their alliance is.  And how no one will suspect it and they will both win.

Zach:  We're like Dan and Memphis....we can just go to Final Two and not even talk about it....

(What?  I think everybody will know that...I have seen them have a private meeting twice in the last few hours.)

And is Frankie thinking, Bitch!  I'm not your Memphis!

Zach:  And if a girl's alliance does start to pop up, you're right on top of that information...just keep doing what you're doing....

Zach goes to leave and Frankie asks for a hug.

(Is that really necessary?)

Zach left.

Frankie:  Miss you!

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