Friday, June 27, 2014

Of Course the Mom is Up Early... #BB16

Brittany appears to be the only one awake right now.  She is moving around the kitchen, doing a little clean up and making coffee, etc.  I think it would be crucial to have some sort of alone time in that house, with fifteen other people in there, so getting up early may be a good way to maintain sanity.

The Have Not room this year is like a freezer---very, very cold.  Those two chests on the right of the picture below are "Ice Chests" and the house guests use those Mylar blankets to keep warm.  These are the same type of blankets they give you at the end of running a marathon.  They are very loud and crinkly but they do trap heat.

Cody is in one of those beds, snuggled up like leftovers in the fridge.

I'm not sure what she is eating here, but if she wasn't a Have Not I would guess an omelet of some sort.

The bathroom is very colorful this year, but I think once it gets dirty, it is going to look filthy.

Brittany went and got back in bed---I think she is laying next to Cody (!).  She told them it was 9:00 am and as she settled in she had a wild fit of giggling that went on and on.  I think they were laughing about how loud the blankets are.  It looks like the beds are normal beds, but with all of the noise sleep deprivation is sure to factor in after a few days.

They played a little game where Brittany would rustle the blankets making a tune, and they would guess what song it was.  "Another One Bites the Dust" was one song.  I saw one of the beds last night on TVGN before I passed out and it looks like a block of ice---could be covered with Saran Wrap or something.

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