Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nicole-Hayden Showmance Watch #BB16

Apparently the entire house is looking for signs that Nicole will reciprocate Hayden's feelings.  Last night in the wee hours of the morning a group was sitting in the backyard chatting on the couches.  Hayden was sitting across from Nicole and in the middle of a group conversation, she patted the couch next to her and asked Hayden if he wanted to move over there.

The entire group reacted to that, saying Hayden got the green light from Nicole.  She protested that she did that because he looked uncomfortable, and got up to move closer to Derrick.

Here she is getting up to move over while everyone made "whooo hooo" noises.

And by her body language Nicole is trying to give every appearance of not liking Hayden.  Which of course means that she may indeed like Hayden...

And in the picture above you can see Derrick kind of leaning over on Brittany.  She put the yellow pillow by his left arm so he could rest it on the pillow and not her.

They had a group discussion (started by Derrick) where he would say "Favorite musical artist" or "Favorite movie" and they would go around and discuss their choices.  Here are a few things I remember:

*  Brittany has a dog that is a mix between Pomeranian and Chow named Striker.
*  Derrick has a boxer named Mason and a pug named Rocky.
*  Caleb has about 20 hunting dogs that live in a kennel.  Caleb uses them to hunt pigs.  (Booooo...I don't eat meat and hate to hear about this.)
*  Frankie's favorite musical group is Counting Crows.  (Everyone said, really?)
*  Christine likes John Mayer.
*  Nicole likes Chris Young and wants to be in one of his videos.  At first everyone thought she said Chris Brown and they joked about learning something new about her.
*  Derrick likes Chris Daughtery because he puts on a good live show.
*  Caleb mentions his You Tube video of him killing a pig with a stick, (Horrible, just horrible.)
*  Cody has a dog named "Stryker" and Brittany accused him of lying about that.  (He wasn't.)
*  Frankie has a number of dogs and named them all.
*  Derrick's favorite color is red and his favorite number is 13.  He had to do a teammate's laundry for an entire summer to get the kid using 13 on his college jersey to let him use the number.  He did not fold the laundry, however.
*  Brittany drives a 2014 white BMW 5 Series car---her aunt works for the dealer so she got her a discount.  Her car payment is app. $400.
*  Cody's favorite musical group is Shine On.  (or something like that)
*  Hayden's parents wrapped up iPod Nanos for him and his brother for Christmas in huge boxes and it was fun to open them and find the little box inside---the Nanos were the big thing back then and they both went crazy.
*  Nicole got a note from Santa one time that told her not to pee her bed.
*  Derrick told a story about getting hassled by police for swimming during hurricane surf and it sounded plausible.
*  Brittany used the word "retarded" several times and Cody asked her politely to stop.

Nicole and Christine were the first to leave the group to go inside to bed.

Nicole:  I'm going to be miserable tomorrow!  I don't know why I do this to myself!

Christine:  I know...I'm tired too.


  1. As a teacher who works with special needs individuals I like that you mentioned Cody telling Brittany to stop using 'retarded'. As I don't have live feeds and it is an often difficult thing for people to do, whatand how did Cody say it so it was polite?

  2. He was sitting across from her and said something like "please stop saying that" and she acknowledged it and said she was trying...

    I also heard the guys saying Brittany used "the hot words" and it was "just like last year", so we can only guess what that means....


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