Saturday, June 28, 2014

Never to Early for Caleb to Start Drinking #BB16

Earlier today, it looked like Devin would be the first one up.  But apparently he was still awake from the night before.  He cleaned the kitchen and made eggs and then cereal for breakfast.

Devin will talking about this all day. He ran into Brittany who was in the bathroom and told her that he'd been up all night cleaning.  Then he went back to bed and for a few hours the only sounds were snoring.

Then BB woke them up with some music.  When the feeds came back we see Caleb running around the backyard, holding a beer.  Turns out the second wake up song was by Florida Georgia Line (Crusing maybe?).  Caleb said during the first song he was going to just stay in bed (Bruno Mars' Heaven) but when he heard "FGL" he had to jump up and run outside to the backyard.  Apparently he was really putting on a show out there.

Big Brother asked them to raise the window coverings.  Caleb didn't want to do it because he "done that yesterday", so Christine and Frankie rose to the occasion to follow BB's direction.

Hayden got out of the pool and made an elaborate show out of drying off.  Christine liked the song this morning, too, and says she has "country music in her bathroom" even though she doesn't look like it.  Caleb is going on and on, saying that "Sean" played that song just for him, and is acting like he wrote and performed it.

Cody came outside and told everybody "Good Morning" in a sleepy voice and Frankie came over to hug him, calling him "Pumpkin Loaf".

Cody helped them with one of the windows, and then went over to the hammock to relax with Caleb.  (I think Caleb looks like a "Brad".)

Caleb said that he knew Amber was reading his mind, because she appeared in the backyard when the FGL song was playing and they did the two step.  This starts a whole conversation about how hot Amber is, and Cody agrees she can "rock any look".

Cody loves country music, too, and says none of the girls in his area wear cowboy boots like the Southern girls do.  Caleb says that about 80% of the girls where he lives wear cowboy boots with dresses or "little booty shorts".  Caleb groans and says he loves that look.

Caleb:  And when she put my hat on?  I was about to ask her to marry me...

Cody:  Yeah, she's a keeper.  She's sweet too.

They rock in the hammock and Caleb says he loves that sound, it is so relaxing.  Cody is still upset about losing the PoV yesterday...he thinks he just blew it and handed the win to Donny.  (They had to spell words and I think Donny used "splitters" and everyone was hoping that wasn't an actual word.)

Now Donny appears and tells the guys he likes to "wiggle around a little in the morning" in hopes that he will go to the bathroom.  (Men LOVE to talk about doo doo.)

Caleb wonders if Donny liked "his song" and Donny said it was a catchy tune.

Donny:  I"m more of a classic rock type of guy....Bon Jovi and all....but at work they give me headphones to cancel out the noise and they only pick up country stations.

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