Friday, June 27, 2014

Morning Routines #BB16 #BBLF

Victoria, Nicole, Amber and Jocasta are in the bathroom, getting ready for the day.

Devin, Zach and Hayden are in the kitchen area, making various "I'm tired" morning comments.

Jocasta is dragging ass down the hall.  I can tell she's not a morning person.

Donny and Derrick are in the kitchen, too.  Donny is telling everyone that back home, he'd be on his lunch break right now. (Instead, he's on the block the first week of Big Brother.)

Yep, Jocasta isn't feeling well....Amber is in the shower offering various pieces of advice for Jocasta.

 Nicole is getting ready, too, sitting on the little couch area of the bath room.  Amber is breaking out so one of the girls politely declined using her facial sponge.  I guess blemishes can be contagious, like cooties.

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