Sunday, June 29, 2014

Morning Rituals and Whispers #BB16

After the morning wake up call, the feeds returned and Devin was already working out in the backyard.  What kind of a pool shape is this?  A keyhole maybe?

That is Devin running, and Christine is on the elliptical trainer in the lower left corner.  She called out encouragement for Devin but I didn't hear him respond.

Christine did a few jumping jacks and lunges, and then moved onto sit ups.  Donny was sitting nearby and she chatted easily with him as she exercised.  Christine is one of those people who looks mad when she is just sitting there but her voice is very sweet as she talks.

While she did sit ups she and Donny talked about how all they do all day is sit down, and then get up and move to a new place to sit down.   Donny said if they were able to eat the same things in the house that they have at home they would all get really fat since they don't have the same activity level.

Christine hopes Donny gets PopTarts in his HoH basket.  Donny likes the Fudge and Blueberry Pop Tarts the best.

Christine:   But did you try the S'more Poptarts yet?

Donny:  Yep, those are tasty too.

Donny got on the elliptical trainer and said he liked getting on there because there were words to read.  He started reading all of them (Stop, Start, Program, Weight Loss....).  He also said he reads all the labels on the food and Christine joked that she can ask him if something contains gluten and Donny can reel off every ingredient.

After a minute or two Donny got called to the DR and said he'd ride that machine right in there.

Frankie came out and immediately started talking trash.

Frankie:  Brittany is the dumbest person on earth...

Then he launches into a story about how Brittany just approached Devin to "apologize for yesterday" and told Devin that "Frankie was offended too" and Devin disputed it, saying Frankie was his friend, but Brittany kept repeating it.

Frankie:  First of all, I don't even remember what the fuck we are talking about...and second of all, why would I put my butt on the line to talk to Devin about him saying something that Brittany thought was rude?

Frankie says he's "not a fucking moron like the rest of them", but now everybody knows what a schemer Brittany is and she made herself "public enemy number two" around there.

Frankie:  I mean, we know that Devin has no finesse whatsoever...

Christine:  Yeah, he's clueless..

Frankie:  Can you believe how fucking stupid the people are that we are playing with?

Christine:  It's pretty phenomenal, actually...

They say that those two are ticking time bombs and they agree they will go off soon.

Christine:  Oh I can't wait until he's going to be so scary...

Frankie:  Yeah, I'm gonna hide, and I'm not talking to Brittany unless she makes HoH.

Christine:  These girls don't even know they're playing this game...they've never even seen the show..

Now they laugh about what Joey will say to Julie Chen on Thursday when Julie asks her what happened in the house.

Frankie:  Julie will be offended and ask her if she's ever seen the show...

Now they say that Brittany uses "the hot words" over and over and doesn't even catch herself.  (like the word "retarded" I think).

Christine:  And it's the same words as last season....did she even see last year?

Frankie:  No!  She didn't!

Christine can't wait until Brittany blows, too.

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