Saturday, June 28, 2014

Morning Chatter #BB16

People are going about their morning routines.  Christine is eating what looks like either toast or a bagel with cream cheese, chatting with Hayden at the counter.

Victoria came into the kitchen and they started discussing what type of man would be her ideal man. Victoria tells them that guys she has dated see her parents' relationship and then tell her they can never be like Victoria's dad.

Victoria:  My parents do everything together...they eat together, check email together, go to Publix together....everything together all of the time.

Hayden:  It sounds like you don't need a need an employee!

Christine says that she loves her husband to death, and would spend every minute with him if she could.  She told Victoria not to believe people when they tell her that she can never find the right guy---she should keep looking and not settle.

Hayden:  You need to take applications, like a job.

Christine:  I'm not saying that's a bad idea, either.

Hayden:  Victoria, does your dad get benefits?

They all laugh but Victoria says her parents' relationship is a two-way street, and her mom treats her dad like a king.

Donny came in and they joked about the "new oatmeal" they have in the house.  (slop)

(FYI Production got the Have Nots four wool blankets to sleep with---it was too cold before that and they weren't able to sleep at all.  If they got rid of the Mylar blankets I suspect it was partially due to the sound they made in the microphones, not just the house guests' discomfort.)

Zach went upstairs and the cameras followed him...just like us Production is waiting for Zach to start running his mouth and wants to catch every word.  He walked past Frankie who is in the bed and went in the bathroom.  The volume on the mics turned up extra loud, I guess in case Zach muttered anything.  But when he went in the WC and it was clear this was a business trip, the cameras moved away quickly.

Here's proof that Zach washes his hands after flushing...he used soap too.

Who would have thought that Donny shaves the top side of his face, too?  FYI Donny has a girlfriend back home and he thinks she and his brother have been watching the live feeds.

Nicole whined about wanting a "pouf" so Victoria offered to help her.  She started using hair spray and then teasing Nicole's hair.  (No wonder Victoria lost her hair...)

After Victoria started her hair, Nicole changed her mind and whined about it.  Victoria wanted to know what  sort of hairstyle Nicole wanted, and Nicole didn't really know.

Hayden said he's not into Megan Fox.  Victoria asked him who is celebrity crush is, and he immediately said Hayley Williams from the band Paramore.

Victoria:  Her?  Really?

This is Hayley Williams, so maybe BB put Joey in the house for Hayden...

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