Friday, June 27, 2014

Miscellaneous Action From This Afternoon #BB16

Jocasta's mood picked up as time went on this morning.  She told Joey she would "break out the hairspray" later this season.  From the shower, Paola said she "always wanted to start a ministry".  (WTF?)  Jocasta encourages her to "do it, girl".

For someone on the block, Pao Pao is pretty chirpy this morning, making little sounds and pumping herself up.

Zach came in to brush his teeth and Pao Pao told the group that "they" asked her not to speak on the microphone when she's DJ'ing because she "sounds like a little girl".  She tells them she is all dressed up when she spins, with her hair done and stilettos on.

The new memory wall is confusing to me, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Hayden discussed his "half naked selfies" that he takes, and says his account wasn't locked before he left.  He says his last selfie he posted was a picture of him with his left hand, as his "relationship status".

Brittany was in no big rush to get ready today...she's not playing in the PoV and she already won the Battle of the Block yesterday, so she's safe this week.

Joey can't believe Brittany has a 12 year old daughter.  Brittany said that Joey is probably her daughter's favorite house guest because of the blue hair.

Frankie met with Victoria in the Lounge and told her he is proud of her, and that she should continue toninig down her attitude in there.  They discuss who is getting on who's nerves (Devin getting on everyone's last nerve...) and the Have Nots who are starting to go crazy.  He tells her to just keep it up because "Miami is in the house!".

She is obsessing about playing in the PoV today---her chip got pulled.  She thinks she might take money in the comp since she doesn't need immunity and stresses about it, worried that she might make people mad about the money.

Devin came over and dished out something in a bowl.  How are they going to keep that counter-area clean with all of that faux moss?  I can see the look they were going for, but that green "moss" is going to be chock full of bacteria and probably ants in no time.

Joey is  Have Not, too, and apparently it's getting to her, like everybody else.  She did something the other night that everyone is talking about, not in a good way.  Was it her streaking last night in a thong on the live feeds?  Or something else?

Caleb tried on Derrick's fuzzy ear muffs (for the Have Not room) and pretended to scratch on a turntable.  He is musically-inclined, because I heard him tell a story about "playing music" and carrying his guitar around.

Devin came over and said he can't wait to go hunting with Caleb, and then golfing with Zach.  He demonstrated his swing, saying it was horrible, but Zach said it wasn't too bad.

Zach:  But you're too big to play golf....

Devin:  No...Charles Barkley is a good golfer!

Zach, laughing:  No, he's not a good golfer!

Devin is a non-stop talker, which might be the reason why people are annoyed with him. (?)  He just told a long story about being in physical rehab for an injury and being introduced to a famous baseball player (Frank Thomas, aka The Big Hurt).

They are all sitting around waiting on the PoV to start.  Here are some of the players, based on what I've heard them say:

Donny (on the block)
Pao Pow (on the block)

I think Jocasta is hosting the PoV.

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