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Meet Zach Rance - Go Ahead and Hate Him, Haters #BB16

OK, so the hair is a little Jedward in this picture.  And he mentions Andy as his favorite Big Brother player on his CBS "Trading Card".  So if you want to hate him, go ahead.  Zach don't care.  Not at all.

Zach's interview with Jeff Schroeder got off to a roaring start by proudly announcing he was unemployed, after recently graduating college.  Big Jeff respects that sort of thing, and you tell this little Sit Down is off to a great start.  Zach is very energetic and looks directly into the cameras when he speaks, which is nice.

1.  Zach is ready to "lie, cheat and kill" to win this game.

2.  He has "500,000 reasons to win this game, and not one more".  All Zach sees is "dollar signs, baby".

3.  Apparently Zach listed himself as a con artist on his CBS bio and he tells Jeff he has a special skill to "control everyone's wants and desires".

4.  Zach tells Jeff his social game is "through the roof" and he's "good at making people feel good about themselves".  He's funny and entertaining and people are going to want to keep him around.  His strategy is to make people like him, and if they don't like him, he will make them like him.

5.  In the house, he plans to be a little more reserved and sit back and let other people make moves, and then he will pounce.

6.  Zach hasn't had a girlfriend since pre-school, but expects all of the girls to want to be with him.  He's not going to let girls get in his way this summer, repeating his line in #2 above.

7.  In contrast to the information on Zach's CBS "Trading Card", Zach tells Jeff that his favorite BB player of all time is Mike Boogie, because he gives "zero effs about anything".  Jeff says he does see some commonalities there, but he doesn't use that word, of course.  Way too many syllables.

8.  Jeff says he can't wait to see what Zach does in the house, and if you watch this video, you will, too.

But let's move on to an interview with a little more substance --Zach's interview with the Reality Relapse team of Rachel Reilly and Ryan Carillo.  Go get him, Rachel.

1.  Rachel immediately latches onto the Con Artist description, and once Zach tells her his plan is to have everyone like him, Rachel asked him if he knew who Nick Uhas is (ha ha ha).

Zach:  Oh, that guy.  He sucks.

2.  Zach tells Rachel and Ryan the same lines about making everyone like him by making them feel good about themselves, and asking them questions.

Ryan (who ALWAYS tries to make everything about himself):  You haven't asked me any questions.

Zach:  But I don't care about you guys.

He then tells Rachel he hates her because her laugh is terrible and Rachel guffaws, delighted with this.  

3.  Zach also tells Rachel she was kind of a bully, too, mentioning how she yelled at Kathy for being bad at the competitions, pointing out that Kathy beat her in the end.  Rachel jokes that she might be going in the BB16 house.

Zach:  That would be perfect, because nobody would think we're working together.

Rachel:  Oh, so now we're working together?

Zach:  Not right now.

4.  Zach majored in Economics at the University of Florida because that was the easiest major.  Ryan mentions the Wolf of Wall Street and Zach says Jordan Belfort is his idol.  He has quick comebacks to Ryan's put downs and seems to win every time.

5.  Rachel brings up how Andy is his favorite player, and Zach corrects her and says Mike Boogie is his favorite.  He says Andy did play a good game and Ryan wants to know why Zach listed Andy as his favorite.

Zach:  Because he won.  He's the most recent winner.

6.  Zach says he would kill himself before he has a showmance.  If there is a girl in the house that he really likes, he will just swallow his emotions and get over it.

Ryan:  Girls like douchebags, so they are going to like you.

Zach protests that he's not a douchebag and Ryan says he can dish it out, but he can't take it.  Rachel defends Zach and Ryan tells her she fell for Zach's con, and this results in a lot of laughter.

(Did Rachel have a little work done?  I think so, and she looks great.)

7.  Zach likes to go golfing with his bros, smoking cigars and hitting balls.

8.  He want to a casting event at the U of F and says he is a fan of the show, but not an "avid fan".  There is a lot of verbal jousting at this point, with Zach saying he's going to be in a movie one day, and there is a lot of bleeping as curse words ricochet around the room.   Rachel had to tell Ryan that he was being a dick to Zach (he really was), and that Ryan should act like a journalist.

9.  Zach expects other people to come to him with alliance offers ---he won't be the one seeking them out but will entertain each offer, even if he has to blindside people.

This interview seems like it could have gone on for an hour or so, but it got cut off in the middle of Zach describing how he will lie, cheat and steal to win.  I couldn't find this interview on You Tube for linking purposes for some reason, but here is another interview video, this time with Matt Maynard from We Love Big Brother.  Matt isn't sparring with Zach, so the energy is much different than the interview with Rachel and Ryan, but it provides the same overall picture of Zach and his personality.

Zach says his mother is a huge Big Brother fan, and rates his own interest as a 6.5, on a "scale from one to Ian Terry".  (ha ha ha)  Matt also has a fun game where they hold up paddles with revealing True or False questions (such as: Have you ever stolen anything? and Is being gay a choice?) as well as game where Zach accomplishes something no other house guest has been able to do that involves a Chips Ahoy cookie.  Watch and see.  I dare you not to like Zach, although I know some of you would never admit it.

I found Zach's Twitter account.  He's only tweeted three times, but he's accomplished more with those tweets than most people I know ever have.  He got Kevin Durant to re-tweet him, so that his Mom would buy him a ticket to a Thunder game, whatever that is.

According to this, he wants to be a professional golf caddie, which isn't such a bad goal.  I grew up in Florida, too, and know several people who have been pro caddies.  You win a percentage of the golfer's winnings, so if you work for a good golfer you can earn good money, along with travel perks and being able to stand around all day.  I knew a guy who caddied for one of the Big Winners for years and he used to smoke pot in the portable toilets on the course.  Nice.


Based on these interviews, I have no doubt Zach will be a polarizing house guest this summer.  Personally I find him to be interesting and entertaining, and a very unique type of house guest.  He's honest about himself, although he will surely lie in the game.  He said he would not be the jacked up guy in the house, and wanted the other guys to have that role.

I always say I am ready for some Dastardly Deeds to be Done in there, so I'm hoping Zach pulls through on the lying, cheating and stealing this summer.   But it will need to be done on the no one sees it coming.

One Big Problem:  Matt Maynard tried to point out that the fans will play a role in the game this year, and shouldn't Zach keep that in mind?  Zach seemed to think Matt was referring to America's Favorite Player, and didn't grasp what Matt was saying.  If Zach watched any BBUK at all, he would know what Matt is saying----the fans can be your downfall if you don't let them in on the joke.  (And let's hope Zach doesn't piss Ariana Grande off.....)

I expect Zach to give Great DR this summer, but his arrogance could be his downfall if he can't contain himself around house guests who might not fall for his line of bullshit.  Rachel brought up Nick Uhas in her interview with Zach, but he reminded me of Jeremy McGuire.  Neither guy did well in the Big Brother game, but at least Jeremy was fun to watch.

If Zach can be a part of some sort of Brigade-type alliance, then he will have a chance to make it at least halfway through the game.  If he aligns with house guests that America doesn't like, it could mean doom for him, but I certainly don't see him being part of any Nerd Herd.

If I'm Being Honest:  1st or 2nd one evicted, unfortunately.

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