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Meet Paola Shea: Pow Pow is Ready to Rumble #BB16

Whenever I read Paola's name, I think about the "Payola" scandal in radio that happened years ago.  I'm going to try and get over that in the next hour, or else I will be making a million typos with my live feed updates.  I wonder how Big Jeff will pronounce her name....

1.  Well, she pronounces it like "Pow-la", which is good to know and she immediately comes off as an energetic little spitfire, saying she's from New York City.  Paola says she is a very good DJ, and as such she knows how to read a big crowd and she is really good at that. She's not sure how this will help her in the BB house, but she hopes it will.  She is also used to being around all different types of people.

2. She says she's a fan of BB, but I wonder about that, because she got into a little tiff with Jeff after insisting she watched him on Season 12.  He told her he was on Season 11 and 13, but she was apparently referring to his appearance with Jordan in the BB12 house to host a competition.  (That was the one where Brendon threw a mini-tantrum and threw a bowling ball that almost hit Jeff in the head.)  Paolo obviously had to win the argument with Jeff, and then celebrated afterwards, so I think this gives us a good window into an important part of her personality.   She said Season 14 was her favorite season, but she also liked Season 12.

 3.  She said this is the first time in history that a female DJ has been in the Big Brother house, and Jeff doesn't correct her on that.  Is he scared to get into another battle with Paolo, or did he forget about Jenn City (BB14) too?

4.  Paola knows she has a big mouth, so she is going to try to keep a low profile in the first two weeks so she won't get voted out.  She knows she has a big personality so she is going to try as hard as she can to "stay low" for as long as possible.  She says she does get in trouble a lot and her friends are usually guys instead of girls.  Making friends with women is something she is trying to challenge herself with---she tells Jeff that women always hate each other.  But a few minutes later she says she wants to form an all girls alliance and go to the end with them because "it's never been done" but she knows that will be a challenge for her.

5.  Jeff teased her about her ego during the interview, because she made statements like "the crowd always moves towards me".  She also stated that she is a unique individual who is very talented and hilarious.

6.  Her nickname might be "Pow Pow" because Jeff asked if he could call her that and she said yes.  The name seems to fit and it does suit her.

7.  Jeff mentions Paola's appearance in Maxim Magazine and she says she's not planning on telling anyone in the BB house about that.  She plans to keep that a secret.

8.  She has no family members in the US, so all she is leaving behind are her friends and her turntables.   She is very excited about the challenges in the BB house, but is worried about the mental challenges.  She says she has the "memory of a goldfish" and has been reading books and doing puzzles and nothing is working.

9.  Paola isn't planning on getting into a showmance in the BB house.

Jeff:  What if Tiesto is in there?

Paola:  Tiesto?  He's old...he's like your age.

Jeff:  Well, who's cool now...I don't know...

Paola:  Maybe Eight Track.

Jeff:  Oh, Eight Track is old too (sarcastically).

Jeff has to spell it out for Paola so that she gets his joke, that cars used to have 8-track players before cassette tapes were invented and Paola says "wow, you are so old".

After that Jeff ends the interview, saying he's looking forward to watching her in the BB house and to "crush it in there", but then makes a joking (?) thumbs down gesture after they shake on it and they both laugh.

I actually learned what I need to know from Jeff's interview with Paola, but I will watch Rachel's interview her anyway, because that seems to be how this process works best for me...

10.  As usual, Rachel is able to bond immediately with Paola, as she has with every other house guest, as Paola grumbles that her age is listed as 27 instead of 26 in the press kit.  She says that she has been the same weight since she was 12 though, because "you know, I'm Asian, and we don't gain weight".

Rachel:  OH MY GOD!  I'm so jealous!

Turns out her nickname is indeed Pow Pow, and Rachel calls her that right away.

11.  Paola says she's there to win the money, of course, and they both grill her about whether she's a real BB fan or not.  She swears she is, and started watching it from the very beginning, to Season 10, but then she went on tour and had to miss the show sometimes.  She says that she's seen Rachel's season, though.

12.  She's an international DJ and she DJs in Canada, Jamaica and all over the United States.  She was supposed to do a Playboy party in Jamaica this summer but she's missing it for Big Brother.  She loves music and admits she wants to build her social media through the show.

13.  She is down for DJ'ing at Reality Relapse after the show is over but says her skills may be a little rusty after not using her turntable for a few months.  She says she might go crazy this summer without music and then this happens:

Ryan:  Crazier than this?

Paola:  OMG...he's a JERK!

(Yes, he is.)

14.  She tells them Jeff hates her because he thought she called him "old and fat", but then clarifies she didn't say that, she said he was "kind of fat".  Ryan says that is hysterical and Pow Pow admits this type of thing is going to get her in trouble inside the house.  Rachel tells her she needs to win competitions if she's going to go off like that in the house.

Paola:  Or I can get someone to win competitions for me.....

15.  She's super picky about men, but would like someone tall, handsome, smart, and a Southern gentleman from the South or Texas. She wants the good boys, and says she is good at manipulating men.

Rachel:  Well look at her, she's manipulating me now...

16.  Paola says she wants to make an All Girl Alliance and then there is a lot of bleeping as she criticizes what happened with the girls on BB15.  She knows she needs four women and they can't be catty with each other.  Rachel agrees that this would be legendary and Paolo says it will be called the "El Quatro Alliance".

17.  Paola knows she needs to reel in an alliance before the showmances start, and tells Rachel "no offense, but once that happens it's toast".   Ryan wants to know why she has commitment issues.

Paola:  Well, I just think I'm too awesome for most guys....

Rachel:  She's a world-traveling DJ Ryan!

Paola thinks guys just fall too easily for her and she gets bored with them.  She's a Gemini so she's a firecracker and likes to be free-spirited and alone.  She's not close to her family at all and says she will only miss music.  Rachel tells her she will only get to hear three songs every morning during wake up time and Paola tells them that "they" made her sing a Big Brother song and march around "like it was the Fourth of July" on video and she shows us how she gave them the double-finger while she was doing that.  Classy.

18. She asks Rachel how her lipstick looks---is it dry?  Rachel leans over and says it's okay, but she could do a touch up after the interview.  Ryan says he can tell she's going to be great TV after they slam each other a few times and say "Gurl Bye" to each other and so forth.  Rachel gets up to hug Paola goodbye and it's a big lovefest in there.

OK, I pulled a few pictures of Paola so let's take a look---it did appear to me that most of the sexy pictures of Paola I found online were connected to her DJ work---I guess any magazine story about hot DJs in the past few years has included our new friend Pow Pow.


 Well, I love the way Paola served Ryan his shit right back at him during that interview, but I don't think anybody who is a Big Brother Super Fan will be surprised to see her get evicted the very first week.

Pow Pow isn't going to have time to form El Quatro----her only hope is going to be to get some of the guys on her side.

Sorry Pow Pow.  But it ain't gonna happen.  And then Jeff is going to serve it right back to you on the flip side once you've been evicted.

But she is going to make for some good TV, and some even better live feed action.  She's going to be one of those house guests who sleep most of the day, due to her work schedule, so we might be lucky to see her before lunch time on the live feeds.

Can't you just see her bumping up against Devin Shepherd? Hopefully he has better sense that that but I don't think anyone in the house will blame him if he hits it and quits it---she won't be in there long enough to cause any strategic problems for him.

I'm thinking Paola = JoJo (BB14).  But she'll get what she came for....increased exposure and publicity and that's the name of that tune, Pow Pow.

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