Friday, June 20, 2014

Meet Joey Van Pelt - Don't Blame Her, She Was Recruited #BB16

Joey tells us in her CBS video that she brought several colors of hair dye into the Big Brother 16 house.  So there's that.  According to her "Trading Card" (yes, that is what CBS is calling that a hint? trading?) that you see above, she is a makeup artist, and her favorite Big Brother player is Gina Marie.

Yes, that's right.  Gina Marie.

But Gina Marie is also a makeup artist, so maybe that is the connection.  Let's hope so.  Unfortunately this also indicates that Joey was not a Big Brother fan until casting.  Just a guess on my part.

Once again Jeff Schroeder (aka the "Golden Boy") is conducting preseason house guest interviews as part of CBS' exclusive content for live feeders.  Jeff's interviews are always light and breezy, and light on content.  He just gives us a feel for the players.  Not an invasive feel, with squeezing.  Just a brush.  Maybe with the back of the hand, not the palm.

Joey tells Jeff she thinks one of her strengths is that she likes women.  She is quick to assure us that she doesn't like them "that way", but she gets along with women and brings them together, instead of being catty.

Joey says she has a good job at home, and loves her family and friends.  Her parents are super-supportive of her and are helping her financially while she's in the Big Brother house.  If she wins, she is going to pay off her student loans and travel.  

Joey:  I'm buying a ticket to every music festival there is....

And that's all there was in Jeff's interview.  Yep.  It was over before it even started.  Maybe Jeff can do his interviews on Vine to make it even more efficient.  Thank god there are other house guest interviews out there for us....

This interview with Joey was conducted by Matthew Boyer for, and thankfully it includes more information.


1.  Joey was recruited while she was doing someone's makeup, and from there the process went very quickly.  

2.  This is her first experience with reality TV.  Whatever that means.

3.  She never watched Big Brother before, and says she didn't even have TV.  It sounds like she thinks CBS is on cable.  But she has since learned that the show has a big following, and is excited to have a "fan page".

4.  She wants to form a ladies alliance.

5.  She plans to be the "loser who everyone loves" in the house but does plan to pull her weight.  She knows she can't be sure of anything until she is in the house and the action kicks off.

6.  She intentionally "stayed single" before coming in the house so that she could use romance as an advantage, if that comes up.  She knows she won't be the best looking girl in the house, but she likes having her options open.

7.  She plans to be one of the quiet players, staying in the background if she can. 

8.  If fans can send her messages, like "The Hunger Games", than that will give her power and energy.  She hopes she is America's Favorite but jokes that this statement may come back to haunt her.

But there's a new interview team on the scene this year....Rachel Reilly and her partner Ryan Carillo are conducting interview for their show Reality Relapse.  Rachel is a breath of fresh air in this process, and the energy in the room is palpable.  Joey is a little more animated, too.  This interview seems to get off to a great start, with the three of them giggling and chatting like old friends.

Rachel and Ryan keep things moving...and this was Joey's most revealing interview yet.

1.  Joey was class president in high school.

2.  She compliments Rachel's BB game, but then goofs by saying she liked how Rachel got voted out, and then right back in and played hard.  Rachel quickly set her straight by saying that was Brendon, not her.

3.   Joey crammed by studying the "characters of the players", to see patterns and identify the main characters.  She says Season #10 was her favorite season, but then says she "hasn't finished watching it yet".

4.  Ryan asked her why Gina Marie was her favorite house guest, and Joey says becase Gina Marie was so loud and colorful.  (uh...didn't you just tell another interviewer  you were going to be a quiet player?)

***and then this happend***

Joey:  And Gina Marie wasn't a floater, by any means!

Ryan and Rachel both groaned and Ryan gave us a smirking side eye.  Ryan gets his Producer to confirm that Gina Marie was indeed a floather.

Joey:  Look, I was doing my job, putting makeup on somebody and they came in and recruited me!

(oh dear)

5.  Joey loves bearded men, but "not gay", and then says she does love the gays, she just doesn't want them that way.

6.  Joey said she wanted to be the "nicest person to win Big Brother" and mentions Dan.  Both Rachel and Ryan groaned again and Rachel called her out as not even watching the show.

(Love, love love Rachel giving the house guests shit.)


I wanted to like Joey, and I do, because she is cute as a button, but do I like her chances in the Big Brother 16 house?

Not  so much.  No one really knows how the twists will play out, and what this will mean for the game this year.  But being so clueless about the game can't be a good thing, can it?

I think having Joey around in the house would be great, because we can all learn a few makeup tips and tricks.  But is Joey being truly honest in her interviews?  She didn't mention being an actress, but look what I found, from 2012.

That's Joey, second from the right, in the fuzzy wig.  Maybe this was just a lark on her part, doing some local community theater.

But this is Big Brother we're talking about.  Hopefully at least one of the house guests cast for this season knows this game, and knows how to play it.  But that's not Joey.   Joey is all over the place with what she says, talking in circles.  In it for the fame, I say. She'll be out before the jury.  Just my two cents.

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