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Meet Jocasta Odom - Will She Lay Her Hands on Somebody in the #BB16 House?

I'm not gonna lie....I am dreading this one.  Although I live in the Atlanta Metro area and know I should pull for a Georgia home girl, I will be brutally honest and say Jocosta's occupation is a real turn off for me.  I will give her a chance, however, and see what I can learn about her that might change my opinion.  For starters, Rachel is her favorite player, per her CBS "Trading Card", so maybe Jocosta is ready to play hard this summer.  That's something, right?

(I do NOT want to start a big argument about religion....I am the type that just doesn't want to discuss it at all.....)

1.  Jocasta proudly tells Jeff she is a minister, but didn't specify what type of church she ministers to, or how big it is, etc.  She does mention "laying hands on Jeff", though, which may be an indication of some sort.  (My family went to the Episcopal Church when I was young, but I don't remember anybody touching anybody, unless it was my mother tapping my brother on the head to wake him up.)

2. Jocasta tells Jeff that her biggest strength is her outgoing personality and she has "people skills like no other".   She can "pretty much conform" to any situation but still show her own identity, her fun side, and her "social game is where it's at".  Jocasta speaks with authority and confidence, pointing at Jeff to prove her points.

3.  Jocasta adds that she is a competitive person as well, saying she is the one at the baby showers who is "grabbing for the clothes pin" and reaching over the other girls to win.  (If you don't know, most baby showers require the participants to play little games for prizes, although I have been to a few co-ed baby showers where all you have to do is eat and drink.)

4.  Jeff asks if she grabs the bouquet like that at weddings and Jocosta says she's married and off the market and no longer needs to grab the bouquet.  She gives one big snap up for that, along with a neck roll.  When Jocasta speaks she is very animated and waves her arms around, frequently reaching into what I would consider Jeff's personal space.

5.  She will miss her family when she is in the Big Brother house, as well as her "church family".  Jeff asked her if she has a downfall going into the house and she said "no".

Jeff:  Zero?  No downfall at all?

Jocasta: No.

(whah whah whah....)

6.  If she wins the money she is going to "absolutely invest".  Whatever that means.
7.  Jeff asked her the question about her preference as to being a winner hated by America, or a loser America loves.  She immediately said she is doing this for her family, and pretty much said America would be SOL.  (I like that part of her answer.)

Jocasta:  And if God be with me, then who is against me?

(I have a feeling she has recently met a few new roommates who are against her......just a guess.)

Now let's turn the program over to Rachel and Ryan from Reality Relapse to see what they can get out of Jocasta.

8.  The interview gets off to a super-fun start with both Rachel and Jocasta squealing with delight at each other.  Ryan reminds us that Jocasta told Production that Rachel was her favorite BB player and tells us that Jocasta nearly had a nervous breakdown when she walked in and saw Rachel on the couch.  Jocasta says Rachel was "just a beast" in the house and was loyal to the women who weren't loyal to her.  She also mentions that Rachel got "her man" and does a little Rachel impersonation as she says it.

9.  She loves to wear the butterfly-style bowties because butterflies represent transformation and she has transformed her own life and gives us a Bible verse from Romans associated with this.  She said that she used to be down and dark and she left the church at 17 "based on what happened then" but then she had some sort of epiphany years later and Jesus put her back to where she was before that happened at 17.  She's a positive person now and a motivational speaker and "the best life coach ever".  Jocasta said she was a "hot mess" at 17.  (Who wasn't?)

Everybody does an "Amen" on that.

10.  Right now she is "under the pastor" at Northside Baptist Church and she loves it.  She also has a ministry of about 75-100 women that she works with.  She told the folks back home that she is at a "women's conference" right now and Rachel mentions a woman named Joyce who holds conferences and she and Jocasta have a little squealy moment about that.

11.  She doesn't expect to read the Bible in the house all summer---she will study it daily as she always does and try to have balance in the house and in the game.  She knows people watching will say "I can't believe a pastor is doing that" but is not going to compromise her life by doing something like cheating on her husband.

Jocasta:  I already lied and said I was going to a conference, so..........

12.  Jocasta repents for her sins daily and then mentions Jesus dying on the cross for her.  She won't lose herself in that house but will glorify Christ while she is in the BB house.

13.  She has been married for 7 years and has two sons aged 2 and 4.  She will miss them but says God will watch them, along with her husband, mother and sister.  Her family had a rough year and her winning this game could help them all get through it.  God has showed her this is the way for her.

14.  She won't come in the game with "guns blazin'" "like Brian" (BB10).  She thinks she wants to win the first HoH because she can talk her way through having to make nominations and can cut some deals too.  Rachel points out that both she and Hayden won the first HoH and then went on to win the game, so it is possible.

15.  Rachel tells Jocasta that she likes her personality, and will be watching her in the house.  The two of them share another round of squeals as Jocastra says "Rachel you are my friend in my head right now!"

I think this is Jocasta's church's Facebook page.  No comments about her being on the show yet....and no mention in the Atlanta newspaper yet, even though they had a blurb about Big Brother starting this week.  I'll keep an eye out for any local gatherings for BB watching in Jocasta's honor.


Jocasta is a cute little lady and is very animated when she speaks.  I expect her to bond with Brittany and Devin over the fact that they have children and miss them.  She sounds like she has an interesting backstory if she is willing to speak about it in the house.  I'm sure she will also do some cooking in the house too, and of course some cleaning up after the young slobs in the house.

I also expect her to let them know about it, too.  The fact that she told Jeff she has no downside is worrisome, because she should be self-aware enough to know that her biggest strength is also going to be her biggest weakness.  Her outgoing exuberance is going to rub some people in the house the wrong way, and this is going to cause friction.  I expect Jocasta to be bossy.

Often people with a position of high authority outside of reality TV expect people within reality TV to recognize them for that, and are often sorely disappointed.  (Remember David who manages the Miami Marlins and how he was voted off first on Survivor for his words and actions?)  If Jocasta goes in that house preaching and judging people than her days are going to be numbered.  I think her odds are better if she uses her motivational skills to reach out to house guests who might be on the fringes to quietly bolster them and be their sounding board.

I don't think Jocasta will be afraid of conflict, to say the least, so the Big Brother fans can also look forward to watching that....

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