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Meet Hayden Voss - Big Brother is Giving Him a Ride This Time #BB16

This Hayden was intended to be the BB16 version of McCrae, I think..  He's a long-haired blondie whose job is a pedicab driver.  And of course we have the hilarious situation with his name, Hayden Voss.  If you don't know why that is funny, I can't help you there.  Will Jeff see the humor in that?

1.  Hayden is a pedicab driver in Long Beach CA, and explains to Jeff that it is a bicycle with a carriage on the back.  He gets paid to exercise and meets all kind of people in his job. I've spent quite a bit of time working in Southern California, so I'm guessing Hayden rides his pedicab in the Santa Monica area, carting drunks and tourists from bar to bar.  Just a guess.

2.  Hayden is originally from Massachusetts and played college hockey in Boston.  He says he's from California now because he lives there,  but he grew up in Marlborough and went to school in Massachusetts.  He's a very active guy and is always doing something outdoors.  He rides his bike everywhere, runs marathons, etc, and doesn't even use a car.

 3.  Jeff thinks he will get pegged as a surfer and Hayden agrees, knowing people will make some snap judgements about him.  He expects to be pegged as the goofy, funny dude but he thinks he can win a lot of competitions.  He would like to keep his competitive, athletic side hidden in the game for awhile, so that people don't automatically see him as a competition threat.

4.  He thinks he will be a player similar to Hayden Moss or Frank Eudy ---strong in competitions but with a social game as well.  Jeff says both of those guys were great players.  (No shit Jeff.)   Hayden points out that Hayden Moss won, and Frank got very far in the game, despite all of his struggles.

5.  Hayden is an easy-going guy, and although some people may look at the Big Brother experience as being on a vacation, he's not going to treat it like a vacation.  He is there to win and he knows it is going to be hard.

6.  Hayden is single and is ready to mingle with "all" of the ladies in the Big Brother house.  He says this with a devilish grin that tells me he means that.

(Hayden, please don't make the mistakes McCrae did......)

7.  When Jeff asked Hayden the question about whether he would like to be a winner who is hated, or a loser who is loved by America, Hayden immediately said that was the hardest question he's been asked all day.  (Media Day is just one interview after another for the house guests, like promoting a movie.)

8.  Hayden said he can't imagine America hating him.....that would "just kill him".  But then he said if he gets voted out of the game and America loves him, that means he wasn't playing hard enough, so he couldn't really answer the question one way or another.  Jeff said that the answer was a good one, and he will see Hayden on the flip side. 

OK.  Now lets watch a more in-depth interview with the New Hayden.

9.  Rachel tells Hayden that he reminds her of so many past house guests, in addition to the Hayden Moss connection.  She starts listing by listing two burnout stoner types in David Girton (BB15) and Brendon Bacha (BB11) --both of whom incidentally were booted from the game first in their seasons.  Ryan wants to argue with Rachel about this, saying they should let Hayden be his own person.

10.  Rachel tells Hayden he's cute, and "Heeeyyy!"  He says if anyone can fit in his pedicab, than he can take them for a ride---it doesn't matter how big they are, because his legs are strong enough to handle it.  This will help him in competitions and he says his job is all the workout that he needs.

11.  He's not a surfer, but he's living the "poor man's life" in Long Beach, in a tiny apartment with a bike and no car.  He was riding his pedicab at the Grand Prix in Long Beach and some people flagged him over for a ride.  It was two dudes and they said they wanted a ride, but they wanted to talk to him, too, so he was a little sketched out by that.  They talked to him about Big Brother and asked him if he was interested, and Hayden said if they were serious, he was serious.

The Grand Prix was a three-day event and Hayden met them on Sunday.  They guys said they actually saw Hayden on Friday and tried to flag him down but he was too far away.  They didn't think they would ever see him again, so Hayden thinks it is crazy that they were able to meet him on Sunday and start the casting process.  Rachel thinks the stars aligned for him and it was meant to be.

12.  Hayden had heard of the show before, but wasn't a fan before meeting the BB casting guys.  Hayden has watched six seasons of BB in the past two months, and says he's addicted now.  He's been doing his research.

Hayden:  I'm a hustler so when I thought there was a possibility, I tried to learn everything I can.

13.  Hayden sees BB as a "three-legged stool" because you need mental, physical, and social skills to win.  He thinks he's got all three covered. 

14.  Hayden has a You Tube Channel called "Teenage Child" and was kind of reluctant to discuss it.  He said it was sketch comedy basically for his own entertainment and some people think it's stupid.

15.  Hayden needs to keep his mind open before entering in the house.  He has to keep his strategy loose so he can adapt to the circumstances of the season.  He doesn't want to "go in too hot" by trying to be overly chummy with everyone, but he wants to make friends with everyone.  He wants to win the first HoH if possible to get off to a good start and avoid the "surfer curse".

16.  Hayden's head is in the game and he is going to be very careful about getting involved romantically in the BB house.  He pointedly says he's seen it work both way for BB players, so he plans to be careful.   He confirms again that he is indeed single and ready to mingle, though.

I couldn't find Hayden's comedy videos, but I did find one of him "singing" along with a song.  I know this is kind of WTF, but I actually like it.  The words are beautiful, but the delivery is....well, just watch it.


If Hayden is from Massachusetts, where in the hell is his hot Boston accent?  As someone who has a "thing" with that type of accent, I feel cheated.

How can you not like Hayden?  How can you not be pulling for him in there?

Yes, he is a Big Brother newbie, but he doesn't seem to be someone who just sits around and watches TV.  He started the casting process months ago, so he's had some time to watch the show.  Six seasons is a lot to watch for anybody.

I can honestly see him making fast friends with any of the guys in that house.  He seems so adaptable and open to new experiences.  And being easy-going counts for a lot in a house jammed up with people like that.  Hayden won't be one to freak out in the house and blow up on anyone.

I'll just say it:  I'm a Hayden Voss fan.  There is no way he is leaving the house as one of the early boots---I can't wait to see him in action.

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