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Meet Devin Shepherd: Doing It For His Daughter...Daughter...Daughter...Daughter #BB16

Devin hails from one of the most beautiful areas of America...Santa Barbara California.  And Devin doesn't look too badly himself.....let's eavesdrop on his interview with Jeff Schroeder on Big Brother Media Day.

1.  Big Jeff doesn't look so big sitting next to Big Devin, does he?  Devin kicks things off by telling us that he has just moved from California to San Antonio, TX and works for Harley Davidson.  He has a very nice-speaking voice and seems thoughtful and articulate.

2.  Jeff informs Devin that he is "massive".  (No shit, Jeff.)  Devin says physical fitness is his thing, and that he is a former professional baseball player with the Saint Louis Cardinals.

3.  He had a daughter two years ago and gave up baseball to stay home with her.  Jeff seems shocked that he gave up the game like that.

Devin:  I tried to go back right after she was born, but it was Forth of July and I saw some fireworks and it just didn't feel right not to be with my kid, so I'm retired.

4.  Devin is worried that his size will make him an obvious threat in the Big Brother house, and that the others might worry that he will win every competition.  He does want to win HoH, though, so he can see pictures of his daughter.

(No one who ever watches Big Brother regularly would EVER think Devin could win every HoH.  Many of the most important competitions are built for house guests with small body frames, not big hulks like Devin.)

5.  Devin is single, and is open to a showmance if an opportunity there is a lady who captivates him and catches his attention.  He's not looking for a showmance, but he's open to one if it happens.  (I feel like he answered this question by going in circles though...)

6.  Devin hopes the other house guests don't judge him strictly on his appearance, thinking he might be mean or intimidating.  He watched the show last year and saw that the big guys were voted off first and hopes that doesn't happen this year.

7.  Devin is a competitor at heart, and doesn't know if he's capable of throwing a competition.  He's ready to do anything in the game for his daughter, but not for himself.  He wants to keep his loyalty and integrity, of course.

8. Jeff says Devin is a charming guy, and urges him to take that in the house with him.

Devin mentioned his daughter at least eight times in this interview, sometimes twice in the same sentence.  No disrespect to his daughter, but c'mon.  We got it Devin.  You have a daughter.  Let's see if he is like this with Rachel and Ryan and find out if he knows anything about this game.

9.  Rachel wasted NO TIME and asked Devin to please lift up his shirt for them.  He did, and he flexed, and both Rachel and Ryan swooned.  (I did, too.)

Rachel:  Heeeeeyyyy!

Me:  Heeeeeeeeyyy!

10.  Devin has had to lift water jugs in sequester as they joke about his workout habits. He comes clean about his professional baseball career though, telling them that he made it "up to Double A".  (Not trying to throw shade on Devin, but he made it sound like he made the Big Show when he was talking to Jeff.)

11.  Devin has watched every season since BB10, and says that Rachel's season was the first season he watched all of the way through.  (But which one though?)  He's also watched Rachel on the Amazing Race and says he liked watching Elissa last year, too.

12.  Oh boy.  Devin says he watched last year and one reason why he wants to be on the show is that he wants to "clean some s*** up in there", and maybe "right some wrongs".   (They can't curse on this show, apparently.)

13.  Oh now he starts in with the daughter routine.  Now he clarifies that he is a single father, and he wants to win so that she can have a college scholarship without having to "kick a ball".  He says he was a good athlete and that allowed him to go to college, but he wants more for his daughter.  Devin grew up in a single mother household, and things were tight.

14.  He hopes he sets a good example on the show.  Rachel grills him about a showmance, and he tells her that it depends on what ladies are in the house.

Devin:  Like you Rachel, I don't think you would have had a showmance if Brendon wasn't in the house.

Rachel:  Great answer Devin...turn it on the host!

Ryan:  Oh, I think Rachel might have hooked up with somebody in there...Hayden maybe?  It gets lonely in there.

15.  Hayden Moss (BB12) is one of Devin's favorite players.  He was calm and collected and stuck to his game.  Devin says the Brigade still stays together and hangs out.  Devin would like to have an alliance that he can trust, and it shows a lot about your character.  He doesn't want to be involved with flip-floppers, he says.

16.  Now he brings up Howard, who told three lies the whole time in the house, but everybody thought he was a conniving schemer because they didn't believe he could just be a nice guy.

17. Well, something seems fishy, because they were discussing him wanting to win the first HoH so he can see his daughter (of course), and then this happened:

Rachel:  Yeah, someone has to win, and you have to put two people up on the block but no one cares...

Devin:  Only two people?  Or is it three, or four up on the block?

Rachel sidestepped this, but it was clear Devin knows something.  Hmmm.

18.  Devin knows his strategy will evolve as he meets everyone in the house and finds out how they operate.  He says that the "eyes don't lie" and he wants to hear what people have to say. Ryan says he feels like Devin is going to call people out in there, but Devin protests and says something along the lines of this is "America's Game".

Uh huh.  If Devin starts humming an Ariana Grande song then we will know something is up.  (I'm not even sure that Ariana is a singer, but usually all of those tweeners are multi-talented.)

I found Devin's baseball stats.  I can't tell you what all of this means, but here they are.


There is no question that Devin is gong to be some serious eye candy in the Big Brother house this summer.  And I expect him to display some leadership skills and not be a shrinking violet in that house.  I don't think Devin could be a Floater, even if he wanted to. And I think he is going to have to beat those ladies off with a stick, because Devin is hot, hot, hot.  Not just from looking at him...he has a way of speaking that would seal the deal in a heartbeat.

How is Devin going to handle adversity though?  What if he gets frustrated with people in there, or what if he actually hears any racist comments?  How is he going to handle the slop diet, even for one day? (assuming that that Big Brother still serves up slop)

I don't think there is a chance for Devin to win this game, just because of his size, but who knows, if America has influence maybe some good things will happen for him.  I like the fact that he does seem to be a genuine Big Brother fan.

In all honesty, I think Devin will be home with his daughter before the Jury is seated.  But that is pure just seems too risky for the other players to leave someone like him in the house for too long.

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