Saturday, June 21, 2014

Meet Derrick Levasseur - Assume the Position #BB16 effing POLICE SERGEANT in the Big Brother 16 house?  Well, we had  small-town Sheriff Kathy Hillis (BB12) and retired FBI agent Jack Owens (BB4), but never an actual POLICE SERGEANT!

What the hell?  I'm scared.....and intrigued. Let's watch Big Jeff go to work meeting Derrick.

 1. First of all I must disclose that I am in LOVE with Derrick's accent.  I am a sucker for a Boston accent and Derrick's Rhode Island accent sounds like the next best thing.  Maybe like a Bostonian sanded with an emory board....although imagining that voice asking me to "step out of the car, please" is a little frightening.  But in a good way.

2.  Derrick is not planning on telling anyone in the BB16 house that he is a police officer.  I think houseguests who lie about what they do end up making the wrong decision at least 99% of the time, but in this case I think Derrick is making the right call.  He calmly tells Jeff that he thinks letting everyone in the house know the truth has more negative possibilities than positive, and I think he's right.  Some people like police officers, and some people don't, and Derrick thinks he's making the right choice by keeping it quiet.

3.  Jeff warned him that the season is long, and it might be hard to keep his occupation quiet, and then Derrick says this:

Derrick:  I worked undercover for a long time, and I never slipped up on that, so I think I can hold out for 90 days.

(Damn that is so cool.)

4.  Derrick went to a junior college (Mitchell College) for two years on a baseball scholarship and then the summer before he was off to Roger Williams College he applied with the police force and they offered him the job. Derrick said he was poor and he figured it was a good idea, so he accepted the offer.  He was 20 when he became an officer. (!)

5.  Derrick knows he will miss his family in the house most of all---he has a 17 month old daughter at home but his family is the reason why he will be there in the first place.

6.  Jeff wonders if Derrick thinks his undercover work will help him in the game.

Derrick:  Well, in undercover work you try to get to know people and their weaknesses, and them exploit them when the time is right...and as you know, that's Big Brother.  I think it will be truly beneficial in the house.

Jeff:  Wow.

(I'm not sure Jeff knew that...)

7.  Derrick wouldn't go on Big Brother if he didn't plan to win.  As a family guy he could use the money and I am getting the impression that he has certainly watched the show before.

8.  Jeff asked him if he would rather be a loser everyone loves on BB, or the winner that everyone hates.  Derrick said that was a great question and then came up with an even better answer.

Derrick:  Well, it depends on what I was hated for...if I was hated for voting out America's Player, then I don't care about that.  But if I was hated because I made some comments that people were offended by.....I'd rather be a loser.  I have to go back home to my job and family and that is the most important thing.  But we do know that people can go in the house and play a good game and a clean game like some of the people we know have (gesturing at Jeff).

9.  Derrick is willing to push the envelope to win the game, but is keeping his family in mind as well as the job he will return to when the season is over.

I just watched Derrick's interview with Jeff again and I like his hands, too.  He is very graceful using them in conversation, but is still a very manly man.  I wonder how he will hold up under the Reality Relapse interrogation by Rachel and Ryan......

10.  Derrick tells us that he was indeed actively working as a police sergeant right up until the time that Production came by and "scooped him up" for the show.  The people at work knew he was going away to be on a game show but they have no idea how long he will be gone.

Derrick:  I'm sure they know now...I'm sure they're hanging stuff up and making fun of me.

11.  Derrick just watched the Survivor season that Tony Valachos won (a police officer) and Ryan mentions the fact that some congressman was trying to have Tony removed from his job for his conduct on Survivor (lying, cheating, etc) and isn't Derrick worried about that?  Derrick was a Tony fan but doesn't plan to play the way Tony did.  He says Tony did win the money, but he did swear on his badge and do a few other things that Derrick isn't planning to do.

Derrick:  Should he get fired?  No, it's a game show.

12.  He tells us that Tony wasn't under oath, and in RI if you're not under oath, it's a different story. He tells America to give Tony a break.

13.  At first Derrick planned to share his police job in the house, and brought some police officer T-shirts to wear, but he has changed his mind now and is going to tell everyone he is a "Parks and Rec Coordinator".  He did that job over the summers so he knows a little bit about it.  It sounds like Tony's Survivor stint was a factor in Derrick deciding to keep the police job quiet---too many preconceived notions about being on the force.

14.  He doesn't watch the Parks and Recreation TV show, and misses the joke that Rachel tries to make about it.  Ryan tells him someone in the house is going to talk about the show.  (True......)

15.  Ryan says it is hard for cops to disguise their job because they carry themselves a certain way.

Derrick:  First of all, I'm never going to tell anyone, and I'm not going to tell anyone mid-game like Tony did---I think that hurts your credibility.

16.  He tells them he did undercover work for three years and the only thing different about him is that he had a beard and earrings.  He doesn't think he looks like a cop.

(Undercover drug work?  Steroids?  Gun smuggling?  Organized crime?  So many questions......)

17.  Rachel reminds him that there are hours in the house where all you can do is talk and tell stories---isn't that going to be hard?  Derrick says he will talk to anybody about whatever they want to talk about.  He will talk about his family, and he will tell them about playing college baseball, just not about what he does when he goes to work.

18.  Ryan thinks this will give him a great advantage in the game, and Rachel thinks he can pull it off.

Derrick:  First of all, I was in situations as an undercover cop where if I messed up, I'd be dead.  So this is only a game, but I can use my abilities to adapt to my surroundings and learn peoples' likes and dislikes, and then exploit their weaknesses when the time is right.

19.  Derrick admits that he's only been watching Big Brother since season 13, and it sounds like the Showtime After Dark show caught his attention when he heard all of the swearing.  Since then he's been a big fan, watching the live feeds as well as After Dark on TVGN.

Derrick:  I saw Rachel's season when she won...

Rachel:  Heeeeyyyy!

20.  Derrick already bought the live feeds for this season before he knew he was on the show!!

21.  Derrick is looking for one person in the house that he can share information with....male or female.  He is from a diverse neighborhood so whoever he feels he can trust can be that person.  This person may be on the other side of the house.

22.  He wears a necklace for his daughter, Tenley Rose that he insisted that Production allow him to wear on the show.  Production had to "tape it" so it wouldn't clink against the microphones.

23.  Derrick watches the Real Housewives (ha ha ha) and his buddy Louie was on the Amazing Race.  Derrick leads the group in giving Louie a shout out and tells CBS to put Louie on All Stars.   Derrick wants to be like Rachel and bring home the money this summer.

I found a local newspaper article about Derrick's wedding and courtship with his wife.  Here is the link if you'd like to read it.

Derrick sure has a lot of brothers and/or friends.  This is him with his groomsmen --what a great picture..  I wonder how many of those guys are cops who are packing pieces...maybe those guns strapped to their leg?  His groom's cake was shaped like a police badge, and one of the two wedding cakes was Red Velvet.  Yum.


Well, I love Derrick.  Derrick for the win.

I still have 14 other house guests to review, so that opinion might not mean much.  And maybe Derrick will turn into a dick in the house, but right at this moment I'm loving him.

I'm a little worried about him not knowing about the show Parks and Recreation....him not knowing anything about it would be suspicious to me if I were a house guest.  I've never even watched that show, but I know Chevy Chase got fired, and that the show almost got cancelled several times before it actually was cancelled (right?).

But Derrick's exciting undercover work has laid the groundwork for him being able to keep a secret.  And that part is key.  Depending on how Production edits his introductory package, he might just have America's support, too.

Everyone loves a hero, right?  I just wish Derrick could tell some of those undercover stories on the live feeds....and stories about nabbing and cuffing the perps and reading them their rights....

I'm excited about watching Derrick.  And listening to Derrick talk.  And then blogging about watching Derrick and listening to Derrick talk.

OK OK.  You get the picture.  I think Derrick will make the merge, and more...


  1. it is disturbing to think that he and a fellow officer shot and killed a man armed with a knife. A killer cop. something doesn't feel right about this.

  2. No more disturbing than it is for you to visit her and type that.

    Something doesn't feel right about you....

  3. a cop that shot a guy coming at him with a knife. yeah nothing wrong there.

  4. For the incident you are referring to, Derrick and his partner were cleared by a Grand Jury, so stop making it sound like you know something more about the incident.

    We will not be using the comments section on my website to try to ruin people's life after the show ends.

    Comments closed.