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Meet Cody Calafiore: Pssssst...Hey Julie.....Cody Says Hi! #BB16

Cody's CBS "Trading Card" says that he is a sales guy from Hackensack, but if you've been on the internet even once during this Big Brother pre-season, then you know that Cody also models in his underwear (more on that later, maybe).

I saw Cody's baby blues in CBS' Meet the Houseguests video, and heard him say he likes it when people like him for more than his looks ---I guess he's tired of being treated like a piece of meat.  Well Cody, I know exactly how you feel.  On his CBS "Trading Card", Cody said Jeff is his favorite house guest, so this should be fun to watch him meet his idol.

1.  Cody seems really awkward, to be honest.  He doesn't look at the camera very often, but maybe he just wants to look at Jeff.  The energy level is on the low side as he tells us he is a salesman.  He thinks his sales skills will come in handy because he's used to talking to people who might not want to talk to him.   I think this personality works for him, because if he were as brash as, say, Zach Rance, then he would come off entirely differently.

2.  Cody has an accent that I would describe as "gentle Jersey Shore", not "Joisey Shore"--- not extreme enough to be irritating, but distinctive enough so that I will definitely know who is talking when I hear him on the live feeds.  (This is very important in the first weeks of the game--there are so many people talking at once and it is important to report who-said-what accurately.)

 3.  He's played sports all of his life and got "picked up" by a professional soccer team at one point, so we know he's got ball-kicking skills.  He thinks his downfall in the game might be his competitive nature.  He's really into competing to win and is also known for smack-talking so that might cause a problem in the house if he can't control it.

Jeff says the "similarities are riveting."

4.  As strategy, Cody wants to form a partnership with one person that he doesn't need to talk to every day.  He wants to keep each other informed and off the block, and make things easier if he does have to nominate people or flip flop.

Jeff:  You want someone to lean on in there.

Cody:  Yeah, someone to lean on.

5.  Jeff points out that Cody is a good-looking guy and wonder if he will try and use that in the game.  Cody goes all "aw shucks" on Jeff and says there are other guys who might be better looking than him, motioning towards Jeff and saying "and that other guy....Shane".  Jeff is touched by this and tells Cody he wants him to win this thing and they're going to be best friends on the outside.

6.  Cody is single, but isn't sure if he will pursue a showmance this summer.  (I think Cody might be really shy.)  Cody says he really wants to win, implying he knows that a showmance isn't conducive to winning the game but he knows sometimes you can't control the way you feel about somebody.

7.  Jeff asks Cody what he is most excited about this summer, and Cody immediately says he can't wait to say "Hi Julie" when the cameras are live, because "that's his big thing and he's really excited about it". Jeff chuckles at this, and points out there is a lot of season left after that happens....isn't there anything else to look forward to?  Cody says winning his first HoH, and he wants to win the first HoH, too, so he doesn't have to scramble all week.

8.  Cody tells Jeff that if America hates him, he doesn't think he can stand it and Jeff says, c'mon don't you want to win?  Cody says that if he's doing something that America would hate him for, then he is crossing lines that are already against his nature and that's something he doesn't want to do.  (Jeff really wanted him to say the opposite, I think.)

9.  Jeff starts to wrap up the interview and asks Cody who his favorite house guest is.

Cody:  Like it's not I haven't been smiling this whole's you Jeff!

Jeff loves this answer and looks over at Cody like a son or little brother.  He tells Cody he's pulling for him this summer and Cody can barely contain his joy.  We don't see a handshake moment here but I don't think we need it...the way they are looking at each other is enough.

(I can't want to hear Cody talk about Jeff on the live feeds.....maybe he will even need to defend Jeff if someone talks smack about him.)

OK, let's now watch Cody be treated like a piece of meat by the hungry interview team of Rachel Reilly and Ryan Carillo.  Let's see if Cody can take the heat from them.

10.  Rachel wastes no time by asking Cody to pull his shirt up right away, telling us to "get ready to die" and then says Cody is "Mr. Seventeen Magazine Hottie With the Body".  Rachel and Ryan make various "ummm hmm" noises while Cody flashes us and looks a little embarrassed.  Rachel has to fan herself and Ryan tells him to be prepared to be out by the pool all summer long.  Cody pretends like he's getting up to leave, thanking them for the interview and it's funny.

11.  Cody is a Big Brother fan but his favorite season is BB14, the "Coach's Season".  He says his favorite coach is a tossup between Dan and Mike Boogie.  He didn't really get into Britney, and Janelle is "just there".  Cody says he started becoming a fan after watching BB11, and Jeff is his favorite player of all time.  Both Rachel and Ryan mock that choice, but Cody says he thinks he and Jeff are related somehow but then admits he made that up.

12.  He is hesitant to get into a showmance, and gives a weird answer to a question about sharing a bed.  Ryan mocks the fact that on his questionnaire, Cody said his three hobbies were going to the gym, running and working out (because those three are kind of the same thing) and Cody just laughs it off.

13.  This topic reminds Rachel of Cody's body, so she asks him again to lift his shirt.  He teases her by making her ask again, and then does it, running his hands over  his stomach muscles.  (wow  wow  wow)  Ryan tries to get Rachel to touch him, but Cody says Brendon may get mad.  Rachel deftly gets out of a tough situation by thanking Cody for working out and taking care of himself and asking if they were the first interview team to ask him to lift his shirt.

Cody:  No, the first.

Rachel:  We're the first?

Cody:  No, the first one today asked me to...

Rachel:  Jeff?

(ha ha ha)

Cody:  No, me and Jeff really hit it off....we were like this....(pounding a fist into his hand)

Now they make Cody admit that he told Jeff that Jeff was his favorite player and Ryan says that Jeff's ego so big it just can't get any bigger.


Cody warns them not to talk about Jeff like that....(ha ha ha)

14.  When Cody got picked up by the professional soccer team, he left school to play in Florida.  He hurt his ankle very badly and they sent him home the next morning.  He's healed now and plays soccer every Wednesday night. He's been playing soccer since he was 4.

15.  Oh, now Rachel starts throwing shade at Jeff again:

Rachel:  So are you going to play the game just like your favorite Jeff and just sit by the pool and hang around the house all summer?

Cody:  No, I'm gong to play the game like Rachel and call people out and knock heads with everybody.

Rachel puts out an apology to Jeff, just in case he sees this.

16.  Ryan wonders if Cody thinks people will be threatened by such a fit guy.  Cody points out that the skinniest guy can hold on to things the longest so they end up winning competitions.  He explains his partner strategy and jokes about letting someone use him all summer.  His partner could easily be a girl, depending on who's in there.  He thinks he will migrate towards competitive people and also the social people because he likes to talk and tell stories.  He thinks the people who are good talkers will be sought out so no one has to feel alone.

17.  Cody says this experience has been unbelievable already, saying he met two people he has seen on TV and it's just incredible.  Rachel starts needling him about not being a longtime fan but he explains that he always watched the seasons, but then in soccer he would have to go away to camp in August, so he would have to miss the second half of the Big Brother season.  He wanted to watch Season 13 again in sequester, but they "wouldn't let him" but he remembers some of it from the first time.

18.  From BB15 he liked Elissa and Howard, but he loved McCrae, and thinks he would have won the game if not for Amanda.

OK, let's go ahead and get this out of the way.  Here we go:

(Ed Note on 7-22-14:  I recently learned that the above picture is actually Cody's brother Paul.  But the picture is so damn fine that I am leaving it here, for all of us to enjoy.  Thank you for your understanding.)

We needed that last picture to kind of reset....and get a hold of ourselves before continuing.


Now this is the kind of eye candy that won't hurt your ears.  Whatever happens, we need to keep Cody in that house, America.

He can probably win, with Drew Daniel as a precedent as the All American Boy, but maybe he's a little like Hayden Moss too, if his athletic skills are strong.  I hope he's not too shy with people at first---you really need to make the rounds that first week to start building relationships with every single person before the alliances are built.

I am imagining him losing his temper in there during some sort of competition that turns into a brawl, and we don't need that.  However, bare-chested pointing and screaming at each other from about a yard away would be a-okay with me, though.  And when I imagine this, it's in slow motion.....

Poor Cody.  He is like a piece of meat, I guess.  Rachel even forgot to ask him how he was cast!  (But I guess it is obvious he was scouted through modeling....duh.)

Needless to say I will be looking for Cody on the live feeds....

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