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Meet Christine Brecht - Being on #BB16 is Her Dream Come True

I don't know how to pre-judge Christine....her favorite BB players are Howard, Helen and Mike Boogie?  I never liked one of those people, and liked one of them until halfway into the game, and agree with the third choice.  WTF Christine?  I guess we'll just have to let Jeff guide us through getting to know her...

1.  Christine is a barista, which Jeff translates for us as someone who makes coffee.  She is a bubbly person, but maybe part of that is her excitement over meeting Jeff.  Or maybe it's the caffeine.

2.  Christine lets us know she is a Big Brother Super Fan who watches the live feeds 24/7. (finally...)

Christine:  Maybe not Ian status, but close...

3.  Christine is a gamer and plays "board games with a group of guys" every Monday who all know how she plays, but she always wins anyway.  She attributes this to being so nice.  She always gets her way, and she's planning on that in the house, too.

4.  She is married to the love of her life, and says she misses him already, so that is going to be tough.  She's doing this for him, though, so she's keeping that in mind.

5.  She thinks she will do well in the mental competitions, but has no idea how she will fare in the physical competitions.  She hopes she can be an asset to her group in there with her social and mental game.  Christine says it is fair to say she will do anything to win the game---she wants a half million dollars.  Jeff wonders if there is another reason she wants to win the game.

Christine:  Dude yeah!  I want to win the title!

6.  Christine knows that every year, the house "splits in two".  She plans to pick the strong side and not be a floater (thumbs up from Big Jeff on that), and then pick another person in the group to have a Final Two with and keep each other off the block.

7. Christine worries that she may be "too nice" in the game, and that could be a problem if her alliance sees her talking to the other side.  She's not sure how she will deal with that but knows she has to get in there and meet everybody to work it out.

***Fun Fact***  During the interview, Jeff shared that he "owed some people some money".

Now let's see what information Rachel Reilly and Ryan Carillo can pry out of Christine in their interview with her.

8.  The interview gets off to giggly start as Ryan and Rachel share their coffee orders with Christine.  I don't even understand what they are saying (what is dopio?). but we now know that she works at Starbucks.  OK--Ryan explains he and Rachel both drink the "poor man's latte". 

9.  Now Christine starts with the "being nice" routine.  Every now and then she doesn't like someone, and she shares a story where she made a not-so-nice comment to a former co-worker.   Basically the guy asked if Christine would miss him and she said no.  Yep, that was the example she gave.  Pretty boring.

10.  She just got a new tattoo on her left arm (the sleeve arm) and Rachel warns Christine to wear lots of sunscreen.  She has her husband's handwriting on her says "I love you".  She has been married two years and Rachel chimes in that she has too and they both gush and giggle about that.

11.  If Christine wins BB, she wants to start a fund to adopt babies--that is what she and her husband want to do but it is so expensive.

12.  Christine is a "legit fan" who says she has seen every episode, but then she says her favorite player is Dan Gheesling.  (WTF is up with the mis-information on the CBS "Trading Cards"?)  Rachel has her clarify that she liked "Season 10 Dan"---the original Dan.

13.  She can't pick her favorite season, but says she likes all of the seasons from ten on...

14.  She doesn't think that she will throw competitions, and would actually like to win the first HoH. because she thinks that would blow over in time.  Rachel agrees that she could use that HoH to make some deals and talk to everybody.  Christine doesn't get how everyone thinks the big muscley guys are such a threat and Rachel agrees they are usually losers in the comps.

15.  This was Christine's first time applying for Big Brother.  She sent in a tape and someone contacted her about an open casting call in her area.

16.  After the season ends, if she doesn't win she will go back to barista work, but not at Starbucks.  She would rather work at a local coffee shop rather than a chain.

17.  She met her husband when she was 12.  Both she and her husband worked in "group homes" so they see the potential those kids have, and would actually like to start a program for kids to intern at coffee shops so they can get exposure to work.

18.  Christine has never seen Duck Dynasty, and doesn't plan to.  She doesn't watch the Kardashians or the Real Housewives.  She likes to watch Sister Wives and the Long Island Medium, too.

Usually I add some extra content here that I find online---internet pictures or links, but I couldn't find a lot of readily-available information about her.  There are a few people with the same name, but they are located in other states.

I did watch Christine in a CBS "Meet the Houseguests" video and learned that she is fluent in sign language.  (!)  She looked like she was signing as she spoke and said she thinks this skill will come in handy because she has tips and tricks to remember things with different hand motions.


It is always nice to have a Super Fan or two in the BB house.  Christine is certainly unusual in that her tattooed appearance contrasts with her sweetheart personality.  I don't mean to judge people with tons of tats, but there is often an edgy back story there.

Christine is a do-gooder, and to me the sign language ability makes her super-interesting.  What if someone else in the house knows sign language?  Hmmm.....

I think she will be the one who gets along with everybody, which can be a real asset.  I remember after David Girton got voted out first last year on BB15, I heard someone say that they voted him out because they never even spoke with him.  I think Christine will make an effort with everybody, based on her videos I watched.

I'm a little worried about her insistence on making a Final Two with somebody.  That can hurt you too early in the game.  Hopefully Christine will wait until the twists are revealed before she does anything too crazy in there.  And I'm pretty sure someone will end up comparing her to Ronnie Talbott from BB11, but she seems to have more social graces than Ronnie the Rat.

And she seems smart.  Very smart.  Based on all of these factors, I'm thinking she has a chance to win this thing.  Seriously.

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