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Meet Brittany Martinez: From One Prison to Another #BB16

Brittany is an event coordinator, which could mean any of a thousand things.  She's from Long Beach, and is a fan of the Other Britney.  You know, Britney Haynes.  I know Jeff loves Britney, but will he love Brittany?  Let's find out...

1.  Brittany has good posture, and speaks in a very measured way with Jeff.  She says that her event coordination job will help her in the house, because she has to deal with so many different people in her job...some nice, some not-so-nice.  She said she is originally from Long Beach, but is "out in the South Bay now".  (where ever that is....)  With a vague-sounding job like "event coordination", it would have been nice for Jeff to ask her to give us an example of the event, and how she coordinates it, but Jeff stuck to his script.

(Technically, the Olympics is an event, but so is running the dunk tank at the local car dealership Saturday Sale.)

2.  Brittany has three kids.  Jeff is surprised.  I am too---she doesn't look like she has three kids to me.  I got a clear look at her left hand a few times during the interview, and she looks single to me.  Kind of young to be the mom of the Big Brother house, but so far she's the mommiest female on the cast to me.  (Look at Jeff's face in the next picture...must have been near the end of the day.)

3.  Jeff asked Brittany what she would miss most about the outside world, and she said she never wanted to hashtag as bad as she wants to now.  She never expected to miss social media as much as she does now.  (I've got to give her props for being honest and not automatically saying her kids.)

 4.  She knows there will be tough days in the house where she misses her family and that could be her downfall in the game.

5.  Brittany is a new fan, another recruit clueless about the game. But she doesn't say it that way, of course:

Jeff:  So, are you a fan of Big Brother?

Brittany:  I've become a don't have all of this crazy history with the game, so as far as my strategy goes, I've come this far being me, so I feel like that works to my advantage.  I'm just going to go in there and kind of feel people's vibe out and kind of keep riding the wave.

(oh dear)

Jeff:  So are you willing to do anything to win this game?

Brittany:  Yes.  Go big or go home!

Here is Brittany "hashtagging" that phrase, since "that's her motto for everything".

6.  To her credit, Brittany is one of the only house guests who told Jeff they would rather be hated and win the game, rather than losing and having America love her.  We have to give her at least one point for that answer.  She expounded on that in a way that was impossible to maintain my interest, but it had something to do with some people not liking you whether you win or lose.

7.  Jeff closed it out with a line he has used before ---telling her that "she has the tools to win" and her head is on straight.

OK, enough of this polite crap.  Let's see what Rachel and Ryan can do with Brittany in their interview.

8.  This interview starts off with an energetic bang (Thank you Rachel.) and they reveal that Brittany lives about 20 minutes away from the BB house.  She doesn't know if that makes it harder or easier, and then says it is kind of hard because she looks out of the window and just wants to drive "over there" and go home.

9.  She says she misses her cocktails and Rachel gave her the bad news about the severe shortage of booze in the BB house.  Brittany says she's good with, what ever will do.  They all laugh about that.  Apparently Brittany had no idea her alcohol would be restricted and I can tell she is going to have some questions about that later.

10.  They all talk about how tired they are.  Apparently Brittany spelled her own name wrong today on one of the forms she had to fill out, had lipstick on her teeth....

Brittany: fucking bad is that?

(nice to hear her curse)

11.  Brittany is single now for the first time in a decade.  She tells Rachel she has three kids---5, 7 and 12.  Ryan asks her if it was hard to leave them for BB.

Brittany:  Well, it feels like I just left jail, and now I'm going right back in.

They laugh, and Brittany clarifies that the jail was her marriage (sad).  Ryan is a bitch and tells her that now she will have the "whole world watching and judging" but she says that is life---as a woman you are always being judged and gestures at Rachel for emphasis.

12.  She misses her kids terribly right now, and woke up crying about it.  She asked her 12 year old for permission to come in the house.

13.  A few weeks ago Brittany was at a bar having drinks with a friend, and they only had about 30 minutes to talk, so they tried to catch up on everything in their lives.  Two people from Big Brother were in the bar listening to them talk, and the guy came up to Brittany and said "your're going to be on Big Brother!"

14.  Brittany had never watched the show before that night.  She's been on a crash course since then and says she watched Rachel's whole season, and parts of several other seasons.  She says after a few episodes you can get the feel of the house, but each season is so different it's hard to know exactly what to do because the personalities are so different--she doesn't think there is a right or or a wrong way to play.

15.  She's a little stressed out about the house guests who are big fans of the game, but realizes her audition process has been very natural because she's just being herself, rather than strategizing and obsessing over every little detail like they are.  She knows she will have breakdowns in the house and hopes other people think of her as weak.  Ryan and Rachel both tell her they think she's kind of got it figured out and they both say they feel good about her.  Brittany says she is a bad liar, so if she pretends to be something she's not she will surely get caught.

16.  Ryan calls her out on being manipulative, and mentions something in her bio about faking a childbirth to get out of a traffic ticket.  Brittany corrects him in a sassy way and says she wasn't faking childbirth, she faked going into labor while she was pregnant, speeding on the 405.  She says that the cops are always in a bad mood, so she just made herself cry right when he walked up to the car.  She told him she was going into labor and what should she do? where should she go?  The cop gave her directions and then Brittany followed him and parked at the hospital and went in before turning around and getting back in the car.  Her mom was in the car with her and was terrified---she thought Brittany might actually be in labor.

17.  Brittany knows everyone is going to ask her to swear on her kids.  She's already asked for forgiveness ahead of time, because she is going to lie if she has to to win the game.  She knows she's going to cry all of the time, seeing things that remind her of her kids.  


This is a great example of how you need to give people a chance, instead of making any snap judgments.  After Jeff's interview, I could have cared less about Brittany, but after seeing what just happened with Rachel and Ryan, she is one of my favorites to win.

She's a Big Brother Newbie, but she's smart and has tried to analyze the game, rather than just blowing through the episodes.  Brittany is taking a big chance here, going in that house.  Her life is on the brink of a huge change and she grabbed this opportunity when it popped up and here she is, never having watched the show before.

Yes, Brittany was recruited, but this difference is important:  She didn't go to a casting call.  Someone from Production eavesdropped on her juicy conversation at the bar and came over to cast her.  She's coming off what sounds like a horrible divorce, and is doing this MAJOR THING in front of all of us.  And my god, she's so young to have three kids and all of this behind her.  She can have a second life now---the best thing about being a young mother.

Anyway, I think she can quietly get through a few evictions easily if she is this funny and engaging. They won't see her coming, because the young house guests are going to totally overlook her, thinking they can deal with her later.  And I'll bet she'll have all sorts of stories to tell, if Production gets a little wine into her.

If she's in there any length of time, there is bound to be a lot of internet gossip about the divorce and all.  I hope someone tells her how the live feeds work, because she may face judgement like no other if she does or says anything naughty, particularly if there are any custody issues surrounding her divorce.  (i.e. like Tamara Barney's legal issues now, from the RHOC...)

But this is going to be see how Brittany handles all of this.  She is very beautiful and poised----I can't help thinking someone like Devin is going to be all over her in there.  Just a guess.

And based on the story she told Rachel and Ryan about lying in front of the police officer, I am hopeful we will see some Dastardly Deeds from Brittany in that house.  She could be a stealth threat.

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