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Meet Amber Borzotra: Same Model, Different Year #BB16

So here's Amber from Tennessee, otherwise known as the Land of Judd.  I'm trying to keep an open mind here, after seeing her favorite Big Brother cast member is Howard Overby from BB15.  I'm sure Big Jeff can get to the bottom of this, right?

1.  Well right away there is a Big Problem with Amber.  On her CBS "Trading Card" at the top of my screen, her occupation is listed as "estheician", which usually means that she provides skin care services.  You know, giving facials, popping pimples and so forth.  But she tells Big Jeff that she is a model.  Ruh roh.

2.  Amber sure is purdy, though, and has a soft accent that is far from obnoxious.

3.  Jeff has a history of liking the Southern girls, so he asks Amber if she plans to use her Southern Charms in the BB house this summer.  She sighs and says she will if she has to..

4.  Amber's strategy is "to win", and she hints at creating an all-girl alliance.

5.  She is from a big family with nine brothers and sisters.

6.  She's "not that great of a liar" and Jeff says he can tell.  (That Jeff, you can't fool him.)  She warns Jeff not to just look at her and think she's not competitive, because she is.  Jeff assures her he won't judge.

7.  When asked if she will do anything to win Big Brother, Amber doesn't even know what that means.  (Has she ever watched the show?)  Jeff asks her if she will lie and Amber tells us that would be hard, because she doesn't like to, you know, have enemies.

8.  If she wins, she's going to use the money for her family.  (Maybe with the money her mom can afford to have another kid.)  She says she has to have a "Why" for everything she does, and her Mom is her Why. 

9.  It's a tough choice for Amber, but she would rather be a BB loser that everyone loves, than a BB winner that everyone hates.

10.  Amber uses her hands a lot when she speaks, which makes for interesting pictures.  I'm thinking Miss Cleo could do something with at least two of these pictures.  (You're welcome Miss Cleo.)  Amber gives Jeff the "two-handed shake", which is always nice if you can get it.

Well, I don't know about you, but I don't feel like I know Amber at all yet.  So here I go in search of some newsy interviews.  This is the interview Rachel Reilly and Ryan Carillo did for Reality Relapse.

11.  As anticipated, the interview kicked off with an energetic burst, with both Rachel and Ryan gushing over Amber's beauty.  "Flawless", Ryan declared, which is a high compliment indeed.

12.  Amber said that BB kind of fell into her lap after going to an open casting call.  She took a trip to Australia and then went to California and then called her mom to say she was never coming back to Tennessee.  She went to an open casting call in California and yadda yadda yadda here she is.  She had nothing to do that day, so she thought "why not?".

13.  The only season she had seen "before all of this" is Big Brother 15, but admits that "they have been on her to watch other seasons".  Ryan scolds her to "do her homework" and watch them.  Amber says that "in the hotel, she kind of has to".  (Ruh roh #2)

14.  Well now she says her favorite contestant is Andy, because "he is so cute she could just put him in her pocket".  (What about Howard, Amber?  The evil side of me was looking forward to hearing her articulate why Howard was a good BB player.)

15.  Rachel asked her who her favorite female contestant was from last year and there was a moment of silence.

Amber:  Female?  From last year?  That's a tough one....

They all giggle.

Rachel:  Elissa?  What about Elissa?

Amber says no, they weren't really her cup of tea.  (So I guess she doesn't even know who Rachel is?)

16.  Amber's mom was a single mom and they were very poor.  Amber brings up the "Why", again  and her mom is still her Why.  (So she didn't kick her mom to the curb by changing her "Trading Card" answer like she did with Howard.)

17.  She says she's been a model for a few years now, but she originally wasn't sure if she should mention that in the house.  She was planning to mention the skin care thing, but has decided not to lie and just be honest about being a model.  Rachel thinks that is a good idea, and Ryan tells us that from looking at her, it is clear she is a model.  He says she is very tall and has long legs.

18.  Amber has never heard Rachel's famous line about Floaters needing a life vest.  Ryan smirks that they finally found someone who didn't know about that.

19. Amber doesn't want people to hate her.  She is interested in being a sportscaster, and has been barraged with questions about being in a showmance all day during the press junket.  If she finds someone tall dark and handsome in the house than she might just have to fall in love.  Rachel told her that people have gotten married from being on the show and Amber nods and agrees it is possible.

(It is crystal clear that Amber knows NOTHING about Rachel and I'm loving how Rachel sat back and didn't interject comments about herself.  You know, like Ryan would do...)

20.  Rachel asked her if she liked Rachel or Britney, and Amber chose Britney, because Rachel "got under her skin a bit".  Ryan assured Amber he doesn't like Rachel much, either.

(ha ha ha)

21.  She's very competitive, and may want to hide that since she doesn't want the others to "find out her game".  (Not much chance of that, honey.)

22.  Note to Mark Burnett:  Amber said she would do Survivor.  (In fact, she may be available for taping soon...but that's just my opinion.)

23.  The interview closes and Ryan tells her to "watch those tapes, honey".  

Here are a few of Amber's modeling shots I found on the internet.  First, a wholesome one.

And two "other" photos of our Amber.


Amber, Amber Amber.  The odds aren't with you Amber.  The pretty models are always some of the first to go.   Like Cassi Colvin, Kara Monaco, and David Girton. 

But if Amber gets booted early, she would have had some good Prime Time camera coverage, and maybe this will help her career.  

Needless to say, I don't have high hopes for Amber doing any Dastardly Deeds in the BB16 house, but I will do my best to get some good poolside bikini shots for the fans to remember her by.   Don't take this the wrong way, but Amber seems like someone who would bring  your wings to the table pronto, with a big smile and a bottle of hot sauce.  And that's a good thing.

Even though I expect Amber to be out of the Big Brother 16 house within three weeks or so, I'm sure the usual Big Brother Has-Been Predators will be on her like white on rice.  Yes, I'm talking about you, Canadian attention whores.  (***cough cough  Alec ***cough cough *** Peter *** cough cough *** Liza***)

James Rhine gets a free pass from me because hey, he's James Rhine.  His "Whys" are just fine with me.

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